Start fading your hair with clippers. One of its benefits is that you can give an excellent, stylish haircut when you are the barber of your hair. Changing your looks becomes easy, and the presentation becomes praiseworthy.

Schedule an appointment is tough because you are busy. Again you want a presentable look also. So if you do not wish to opt for a costly saloon, must be chosen a good quality fade clipper. It will include different sizes of guards. It will make you gain a stylish look and fade your hair with zero worries. You will need a mirror, some combs, a trimmer and of course some other things like scissors.

Opt for a well-branded clipper, the quality of the blades will be top class, ergonomic design, motors, battery all these will make a perfect product for you. The latest clippers give you the chance of going cordless clippers and also corded so that you can enjoy both. Do not waste time; instead, pick up a well-branded clipper to get your works done.


1. Wash & clean your hair: Get a shower

Washing hair before having a cut is essential. When your hair is clean, you can easily cut it, especially with your clipper. Greasy hair can tend to stick together, making it difficult to cut. So to have a perfect reach of the clippers, wash and condition your hair. Another thing is that before cutting, make it completely dry, since wet hairs do not give you a perfect cut, and results in different looks. You should also comb your hair so that you can get the desired look.

2. Search for a comfortable place

Pick a comfortable place. The place should have access to a mirror, and if possible, water. So after picking your location, you can finally start cutting your hair.

3. Start cutting with the mirrors on and with easy access to water

You can choose your hairstyle from a catalog. After taking all the arrangements, you are finally ready for a haircut. Set your clippers and keep the guards ready, which you need to start. Start cutting your hair from the sides and the back of your hair. Trim from the bottom of the sides and gradually go towards the top. Make your clippers angular to give a smooth fade, repeat it for the other side.

4. Start trimming from the back and gradually go to the sides

Start from the back after you have done trimming the sides First, cut the bottom and move upwards, change guards to give fade according to your design.  If you are a beginner, cut carefully because it’s not that easy to cut the backs. You can hold a mirror behind to check if you are cutting evenly. Chose your guard lengths to have a stylish end.

5. Pick up the right guard sizes for a perfect fade

Change your guards to give a perfect fade. You can keep your hair short and also long by gradually changing the guards. For fading hairs, the guard sizes are essential.

6. Change your guards and give the fades

You always want a stylish cut and to look better. To have a gorgeous look, change your guards and give layers at the side of your hair. Remember to have a close look at your face shape. All face shapes will not suit every style. So considering all these changes, your guards and give fades. You should also change your comb attachments to have a trendy blend of your hairs.

7. You can use a comb which will make fadings easy

You need combs for better controls, and sometimes your hair is too large to control with clippers. You should always opt for a comb and style your hair with more efficiency. We recommend using combs to trim the sides of your hair.

8. Before finishing it off, shave your necklines: Have a perfect finish

You have done trimming your hair; now, it is time to finish it off perfectly. Look at the neckline and hairline and try to give a border by shaving the unwanted hairs. You will need excellent quality hair clippers to get these things done efficiently. We can recommend using beard trimmers in case of shaving your necklines. Take time and give sharp cuts to look good.

9. Look at the mirror and see if any modification is needed

Observe and look at your fading. If you can find any mistakes, try to overcome them. If you are a beginner, you can overlook some errors. You may have some uneven parts, you should not waste time on these, because you will not have a professional approach right from the word go. It can seem that your fading could be better but keep high hopes because you have done something right as a first-timer.


Follow these steps for a perfect fade. Choose your styles perfectly according to your face shape, and start cutting your hairs. Choose a method that will make you more presentable and stylish. You can also experiment and take time.

You need to find a well-branded clipper that will get your works done. You can avoid costly saloons and start cutting at your methods at home. Remember to have a shower first and make your hair clean before starting. It will make trimming done quickly and easily. Mark the lines where you want the fades, and where you need to begin giving fades. You need to do all the things with a specific plan. Identify the right guard sizes for your hair that will make fadings easy.