Wahl is a renowned brand for detailer trimmer & hair clippers. If you are your personal barber, you have tried Wahl at least once in life. Visiting any barbershop, you will find Wahl’s products. Now let us look at some information related to Wahl, and it’s a new model 9818. This model from Wahl can be your next buy. With all the fantastic facilities it provides, it should be in your buying list.

Since 1919 Wahl is making their grooming products, including trimmers and all. The new model from Wahl will give you lots of attachments to use.


Unbox Wahl 9818 trimmer and see all the attachments. Yes, we know many of you will be surprised to watch all of these in the package. So let us know what you will be getting:

  • WAHL 9818 stainless steel beard clipper
  • Four attachment heads
  • Precision T-blade
  • Detail shaver
  • Detail trimmer
  • Ear, nose, and brow trimmer
  • AC adapter for universal use
  • Cleaning brush
  • Oil for blade
  • Instructions (English/Spanish)
  • Travel bag
  • 12 T- blade guide
  • Combs



  • Wahl is the number 1 brand which has been used since 1919. Professional use and home usage make it unique.
  • Wahl 9818 clipper is manufactured in the USA.
  • The flexibility in the voltage system makes it enable to use both in 110v and also 220v.
  • Rechargeable battery with the luxury to be used for 4 hours continuously.
  • No comment for the excellent self-sharpening blades. The Long-lastingness of the blades is the added advantage.
  • There are mind-blowing 4 attachment heads-customize your looks with its assistance. One of the attachments is the blade, which is used for trimming beards and hairs, outlining, your grooming, and many more. As a second attachment, you get a detailed shaver for shaving, outlining your hairs. There is also a detail trimmer for beards and stuff as your third attachment. And the last attachment is for other places like the nose, ears, and brows.


1. The ergonomics and the aesthetic look

The design of the Clipper Wahl 9818 is magnificent. In addition, you get a lightweight product that is so much comfortable to handle. You get a sharp blade and a perfect motor to trim your beard.

2. Battery Life of Wahl 9818

Oh, the battery! It’s excellent too. Now let me tell you something interesting. How about using this trimmer and not charging for 21 days? Yeah, it is possible with the newly built model of 9818 from Wahl. And one thing you must note is that you can use it in 100-220 volt. Another thing I forgot is that you can use the charger in any foreign country.

  • 1 hour= 4 hours: Do not get too confused with the title. The title is true, and in fact, this is some of the key attractions of this Clipper. By charging 1 hour, you can get the advantage of 4 hours run time.
  • 1 minute= 3 minutes: Yes, you are right. It’s about the quick charging facility it provides. Charge it for 1 minute and get 3 minutes run time.


3. Easy cleaning

Cleaning is not a tough job. It is even easy when it is a product from Wahl. You can remove the trimmer head and clean every part of the head easily.

Since Wahl clippers take a large amount of hair in each of the sections, you can open the head and clean the parts. Yes, among all the advantages, this is probably one of the things to worry about buying this trimmer. The question is, what will happen if you do not clean the hairs unscrewing the heads?

The answer is simple, and the hair will get stuck, resulting in the motors not moving freely. Heat can generate, and the lifecycle of the Clipper will be hampered.

4. The Portability of This Clipper

As I said earlier, the Clipper is so light to handle. You have no issue regarding the transit. Also, just because of its excellent battery facility, you do not need to carry your charger always, that’s another advantage. Are you happy now?

5. No Stand

You won’t get any stand with it. The seminal-looking, plastic stand is what you will get. The strong lithium ion 2.0 technology, quick charging facility, and all of these facts will be enticing to buy this Clipper. Well, let me make you more interested in purchasing this trimmer.

Why do you need it

You will buy this product just because of the four attachment heads. The battery life is also praiseworthy enough. The flexibility in the voltage system, easy setup of the attachments comes with a package, and it can be given a try.



Analyzing the review of the people, you can conclude that this Clipper from Wahl is actually good.

Well, the pros prove that it must be a good product to use. Let us look at some of the pros.

  • The strong built up of Wahl 9818 is praiseworthy
  • A plethora of attachments for your groom
  • The easy setup of the attachments and easy to use features
  • Lightweight, travel friendly
  • Trim your hard to reach areas with ease
  • Warranty- 5 years
  • Can retain charge for a long time, making that travel friendly again


  • Many users complained about the guides and said that it does not work well
  • There are some issues regarding turning on/off switch of the trimmer
  • You cannot use it wet. While cleaning it’s okay but using under showers is not okay


The brand Wahl itself is renowned, and all of its products are amazing. I hope the whole article helped you in case you were in a dilemma to buy Wahl 9818 Multi-groomer. The features, especially the highlighted ones, might be helpful to you. If you want a good quality trimmer at a lower price, you can undoubtedly go for it.

Well, look at the cons also, because there are some issues which you should be clear about before buying it.

If the whole article did help you, please leave a comment below and let us know how we can help you more by reviewing other clippers.