Hi there, if you routinely use electric razors to trim your facial hair, you must have given some degree of thought to how long those razors last. Well, you are not alone.

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The Range Of Average Life Expectancy: Lifespan Of Electric Razors

The period of good performance that an electric razor can provide depends on multitudinous factors. Factors such as brand, razor-type, etc, and user’s treatment of the machine play important roles in the life expectancy of an electric razor.

You get the longest lifetime from the most reputable razor brands. Likewise, you get a short lifespan if you buy a cheaper electric razor from a little-known brand.

As we have noticed after analyzing hundreds of user reviews from different brands, most electric razors go out of commission in about 3 to 5 years of usage.

Remember, even if you buy an electric razor from a reputable brand, the more feature-heavy that razor is, the quicker it will likely kick the bucket.

This is because having a bunch of features packed into a single machine makes it vulnerable to even more types of damage.

If you want an electric razor that will last longer (more than 5 years), it is better to go for a generic model from a well-known brand, rather than opting for feature-heavy models.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Device: Extending The Life Of The Electric Razor

Mind you, a fully charged standard-sized battery gives you about 60 minutes of run-time. Over a year of usage, the backup time usually degrades to about 40 minutes per full charge.

Well, knowing the average life expectancy of an electric razor is no use, if you don’t know how to lengthen it, right?

We came across a few tricks and tips you can follow to lengthen the life of your electric razor. Take a look at the suggestions below:

  • Use lubricants: an ideal electric razor will come with lubricant oil included in its packaging. We recommend that you lubricate your electric razor with light oil or oil spray every time before using it.
  • Keep your razors clean: you should always clean up the razor’s body and blades each time you use it for an extended period. The manufacturer of the electric razor has probably given you an instruction manual on how to clean up the device. Use it..
  • Operating with care: whenever you’re holding the electric razor in your hand to trim your facial hair, be careful not to drop the device. The electric razor likely has a dedicated textured area on its body for the purpose of firmly holding it. Take advantage of it.
  • Prioritize storage safety: it is highly important to store the electric razor in an environment that is most optimum for its well-being. We suggest that you store the electric razor in a moisture-free environment which also is away from direct sunlight. It is better to purchase a dedicated case for the electric razor.
  • Replacing blades routinely: Although this fact is ignored by most users, using an old blade for longer than usual puts a negative effect on the motor of the electric razor. To get the maximum life out of your razor, routinely change the blades and dispose of them correctly after use.

Replacing The Blades And Foils: A Key To An Extended Lifespan For Electric Razors

Whenever the blades get degraded and blunt, the performance of the electric razor will be relatively worse. Also, it is bad for the health of your facial hair to use blunted blades repeatedly. This is the worst possible thing you can do to your beard. So, prioritize changing blades regularly.

Although it might be a good idea to just stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines for changing the blades regularly. But the truth is, how long you can use a single blade depends on many things.

Choosing how long to keep using a single blade is a decision that an individual has to make based on his own criteria of usage. We think the routine of changing blades should be made based on the following:

  • The coarseness of your facial hair: The coarser your facial hair is, the more strain is likely to be put on the teeth of your razor’s blades from day-to-day use. getting worn out relatively earlier, you might have to change the blades more frequently.
  • Any existing skin problem: If you have sensitive skin and can’t shave frequently, you may need to use the blades less often. Thus, your blades will get worn out less often and each blade will give you almost twice the lifetime as you would normally get.
  • Frequency of trimming: if you use the electric razor more frequently than usual, make sure you change the blades earlier than usual. For example, a daily shaver will need to change his blades more often than someone who shaves weekly.

If you shave every day, it is safe for you to make about 8-10 shaves with each blade, which means one blade will probably last 1 week for you. On the other hand, one blade will get you through 4 weeks if you shave only 2 times a week.

  • The razor’s quality and performance: In case you are using electric razors from a well-known brand that provides rich and high-quality performance, the blades will likely last longer.
  • Quality of the blades: you should take into account the material and construction quality of the blades as well. Lower quality blades mean a lower life expectancy of the blades.
  • The care of usage(frequency of cleaning and lubrication): if you use the electric razor with ample care, you can expect your blades to last longer. So, you might not need to change your blades as frequently as others if you’re an ideal user.

Be sure to adjust the routine you follow for changing the blades, based on the above criteria.

Choosing the Right Electric Shaver: An Important Player for an Extended Lifespan

You can only do so much to extend the life of your electric razor. But in the end, it all comes down to the quality of the brand you’re buying from and its integrity.

The market is full of various types of electric razors manufactured in different countries such as China, Japan, Germany, France, etc, and the USA.

While it is common advice to go for the best brand, choosing the right brand to buy an electric razor from might not be as easy. It is because very few people know the ins and outs of what these brands offer and what an average user actually needs.

This is why we recommend that you consider the following factors when choosing which brand you’ll buy from:

  • Your particular skin characteristics
  • The battery quality and its backup capacity.
  • Conditions under which the shaver will be used
  • The number of features and their quality
  • The warranty period of the product
  • Availability of features that you particularly need

Let’s get to know some of the brands that are highly recommended for you:

  • Braun Series 6 6090cc
  • Braun Series 5 5018s
  • Philips Norelco 8900
  • Braun Series 9 9290cc
  • Philips Norelco SP9820/87 Shaver 9000 Prestige
  • Braun 7 7893s
  • Panasonic arc 5

Battery And Charging Guide: A Key Concern For The Electric Razor

You can only use the electric razor conveniently as long as its battery is healthy. So, it is equally important to take care of your electric razor’s battery as the razor itself.

Experts recommend that you charge the battery whenever you feel the juice is below 40%. Generally, always keeping the battery charged and never completely discharging it extends its lifespan.

Start using the razor only when the battery is at 100% and fully charged. Running the electric razor with a full battery will help the motor run effortlessly. As a result, you get a high-quality shaving performance.

Regularly charge the device to get the most life out of its battery. Keeping the battery healthy also helps to keep other components such as blades and foils performing well for the longest time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

We found a few other questions that people ask online which are also related to the query “How long do electric razors last?”. Let’s take a look.

How difficult is it to clean an electric razor?

Cleaning the electric razor regularly is not a difficult task at all. The common guideline is to just open up the head of the razor and use a brush to rub off the hairs attached to it. There you go, pretty easy.

Although in case the device is malfunctioning, you might need special attention from a specialist to clean the device. For this, we recommend talking to the customer care of the razor’s brand.

How frequently should I replace my razor blades?

Experts recommend that you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to determine how frequently you should change the blades of the electric razor.

What are the features that I should expect in an ideal electric razor?

Although all the electric razors in the market serve a single purpose: shaving. You can also expect other features in an electric razor to help you gain an advantage in quickly and efficiently trimming your beard.

Self-cleaning ability, different performance modes, easiness of operating, ability to cut long hairs, water resistance, splash resistance, etc are some of the most popular features that one can expect from an electric razor.

Final Thoughts: A Few Parting Words

Well, now you know how to lengthen your electric razor’s life and how long it is likely to last. So, we hope you will be able to use the information we provided to improve the quality of your time with your electric razor.

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