How to stop itching after shaving down there

How to stop itching after shaving down there

Do you find yourself constantly itching after shaving down there? It can be extremely annoying and uncomfortable. But don’t worry, it is a common problem that can be easily remedied! In this blog post, we will look at some easy tips and tricks on how to stop itching after shaving down there. With these simple steps, you can get rid of that pesky irritation and enjoy a smoother, more comfortable shave! Read on to find out how.

We’ll start by looking at how to prevent irritation while shaving down there in the first place. After that, we will explore how to soothe the itching after you’ve already finished shaving. With these tips and tricks, you can keep your skin healthy and free from irritation! So let’s get started.

That’s all for the introduction! Let’s jump in and find out how to stop itching after shaving down there.

One of the best ways to prevent irritation when shaving down there is to use a quality razor blade. Invest in a razor blade that is designed specifically for sensitive skin, as it will be less likely to cause irritation and bumps. Make sure to replace the blade frequently to avoid dullness and tugging. Additionally, be sure to use a gentle shaving cream or gel that is free of alcohol and fragrances to prevent any allergic reactions.

5 causes of pubic area itching & irritation

Post-skin irritations and redness is something so very ordinary in most of us, but they significant is when getting skin allergies. Before you start off with shaving, it crucial is to know the skin type and its needs. The most common reasons to get skin itchiness are:

1. Razor burns on the pubic area

Most of us get razor burns that cause itching and redness over the skin surface near the pubic area. These look like rashes and tiny bumps, that make feel prickly and tender. The primary cause of razor burns are:

    1. No or less use of shaving lubricants like cream, foam, or shaving gel.
    2. Too fast shaving
    3. Rare shaving
    4. Use of used and old or clogged razors.

2. Public crabs

Commonly also known as pubic lice, which basically are small insects in and near the private area. These spread due to unsafe sexual intercourse, sharing of clothes, towels, bedding, etc. with the infected person. Pubic lice can cause extreme allergic reactions, itching, and skin irritations even on other body parts like legs, armpits, chest, etc.

3. Contact dermatitis on the pubic area

This is majorly caused when you adopt or use a new product near your private area. Any contact with cream, soap, lotion, etc. within your genital area can lead to redness, itching skin irritations. Even hygiene care products can also promote the issues of contact dermatitis. Such issues over the skin can cause redness, dry skin flakes, hives, and skin rashes.

4. Allergic dermatitis in the private area

Skin allergies are commonly faced with skin problems by most people. These happened due to ill-will reactions of foreign substances, like chemical-based products, insects, etc. Allergic dermatitis can lead even to serious skin issues. Precisely itching, redness, skin rashes, burning, blistering, and pain are indeed found symptoms that promote allergic dermatitis.

5. Itchy skin irritation issues on the pubic area

    • Scabies: Contiguous skin issue by microbial attack over the genital area, where bacteria lay eggs and spread.
    • Psoriasis: Chronic skin problem that is a quite painful kind of skin allergy.
    • Jock Itch or Tinea Cruris: Caused by fungal attack near the private area.
    • Eczema: Skin problem, with bumps and fluid/pus when scratched.
    • Candidiasis Infection: Caused by yeast.
    • Folliculitis: majorly occurs in the body areas with hairs, like pubic hairs, armpits, etc., that cause itching, redness, and rashes.
    • Intertrigo: Skin rashes that cause itching, skin moisture, or sweat.
    • EMPD: Extramammary Paget Diseases are caused mainly in women that are somehow associated with cancer. These are genital skin rashes that cause redness, itching, pain, bleeding, etc.

Among the many skin itching causes and symptoms, easy home remedies, or certain precautions can relieve you best. If you feel irritations after shaving your private area, treatment at home is a quick means to get relief. But if your skin itching is quite severe and allergic, then seek immediate medical advice.

How to relieve itching after shaving the private area

1. Wear underwear that is properly clean & dry

The wearing of clean and dry underwear is crucial to keep your skin safe and itching-free. As moisture is also the leading cause to get skin infections and irritations, so wear dry and clean panties. In fact, excessive sweating in private areas can cause skin rashes too to avoid such allergic conditions; do not wear unfit or too tight underwear. Even the material of underwear also plays an important role, so avoid friction, sweating, and itching.

2. Don’t touch, rub or scratch your genital area roughly & excessively

If you roughly rub and scratch your private area with your nails, it increases the risk of pain, rashes redness, cuts, and even bleeding. The spreading of infections after shaving the private part is quite more, so any touch can cause skin allergies and itching.

3. Avoid using chemical-based products

Shaving private area females and males both need special care and technique that keeps your genital part clean and hygiene. This does not mean you should use skincare and beauty care products. To lower the risk of itching and skin irritations, do not use products that have perfumes, dyes, and chemicals.

4. Right shaving technique is the key to avoiding skin irritations

The shaving-privet area is quite common in women yet needs the proper shaving technique to avoid skin allergies. Most of females use waxing as conventional means, but buying any reliable smooth electric shaver is quite beneficial.

To avoid any kind of itching and irritation follow the tips mentioned below:

    1. The first is to trim your pubic hairs with scissors.
    2. Do understand your skin type, as if you have sensitive skin, Must be a choice, skin-friendly shaver.
    3. Use a good quality electric razor.
    4. Never forget to soak the shaving area with water to soften the hair roots’ beneath the skin.
    5. Apply shaving foam, gel, cream, or soap that is not chemically dyed or perfumed. (unscented ones).
    6. Never shave in the opposite direction of hairs. Do shave in the course of hair growth to avoid skin irritations, cuts, etc.
    7. Wash your shaver or razor after use to avoid debris clogging and maintain hygiene.
    8. Pat dry the skin softly, need to rub. Avoid using perfume lotions and creams.

5. Keep your private area, clean & dry after shaving to avoid skin allergies

If your skin is moist and wet, bacteria or fungal infections can cause skin itching, redness, and rashes. So do take care of your genital area after shaving to avoid such miserable skin issues. If you have conditions of excessive sweating that apply medically treated powder as well. Do not wear wet or sweaty clothes.

6. Medicated creams & treatment to avoid itching after shaving

You can use hydrocortisone creams, lotions, or OTC shampoos as well to avoid skin irritations, itching, etc. However, if you have open sores, scratches, or even bleeding, then prevent the use of these OTC treatments. You can also get common antihistamines brands to get relief from minor skin irritations.

7. Medical treatments by doctors & dermatologists

If your skin itchiness and irritations are more disturbing, and painful then seek immediate medical treatment. Do visit the recommended doctor and professional practitioner in dermatology. The best doctor’s prescription may include:

A. Lice treatment

If OTC (Over-the-counter) medical treating fails, your doctor might opt for Lice Treatment. This whole medical procedure includes Ovid or pills to reduces the itchiness and skin irritations.

B. Anti-fungal medications

Shaving the pubic area, even armpits can cause skin allergies and fungal irritations like jock, candidiasis, etc. So oral antifungal treatment with pills or medications is certainly recommended.

C. Use of antibiotics

Within severe allergic after shaving itchiness or skin infections, use of antibiotic medications, lotions, talc is prescribed by dermatologists.

8. Quick ways to stop & treat itching after shaving private area

Below are fast and quick hacks to relieve itching after shaving the genital part.

Method 1

    • Rinse your skin with lukewarm water.
    • Pat dry it with a soft and clean cloth/towel. Do not rub it in a rough manner.
    • You can use essential oil for quick relief such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, etc.
    • Use post-shaving but natural creams and lotions to keep skin hydrated.
    • Apply pre-shaving lotion or gel next time to avoid such skin issues.

Method 2

    • Quick is to apply grape oil, aloe-vera gel, beard balm, or oil.
    • You can also use honey, vinegar, cold compress, cornstarch, etc.
    • Use quality razors or shavers, which are clean and maintained.
    • Use skincare products that are according to your skin type.

Method 3

    • Home Treatment Remedies with the use of essential oils: Tea tree oil, lemon, ovide, margosa leaves, ylang-ylang oil.


Shaving is indeed a personal choice, yet popularly adopted by most men and women. In fact, ample of beauty care appliance brands have even launched the updated best female shavers. With any significant purchase, you can adopt the daily schedule to Shave Your Armpits, Legs, and Bikini Area.

Above I have mentioned some crucial hacks to a query of how to stop the pubic area from itching after shaving. Precisely I hope, my highlights about causes and care tips will definitely help you get smoother and ease shave.