Have you ever thought of a painless device to remove your unwanted hair?

It’s hard to find, we know. But what if you get a device to cut off the hairs from the face, chin, and other public places. You can use it on pubic hair, and it serves you the best. It can be the fuzz on your cheeks and over your upper lips also. Just get rid of these and stay fresh.

The device is Finishing Touch Flawless. Carry it easily in your purse. How does it look?

The shape is like a tube of lipstick, so convenient to carry. You can carry it around with you anywhere.

Stay with us for the Finishing Touch Flawless review; we’ll cover all the questions you have. We will be telling the use of flawless in Pubic area.

Specifications Finishing Touch
Working Areas: Lip, Chin, Cheeks, pubic areas
Specialty: 18K Gold-Plated
Runs on: 1 AA Battery
Battery Included: Yes
Colors: 6
Approved By: Dermatologist
Cleaning brush: Yes

First Impression, Can you use flawless on pubic hair?

The First Impression is like lipstick, not like your typical hair remover. The outer casing is white with plated gold. Flawless used 18 karats gold plated over metal.

The gold is also not for decoration. The gold gives a choice to keep the device hypoallergenic. It’s gentle on the skin, which is a gift to remove your pubic hairs. It’s sensitive down there, right?

As we said earlier, it will fit on your hand and your purse too. You have no worries to carry the slim device with you too.

Features of the Finishing Touch Flawless

1. Hypoallergenic and safe:

The 18k gold plating enables the comfort of your skin. If you are having trouble with allergic reactions, you are safe now. We know that you can have reactions on your skin, but not with this device. Your pubic areas are safe now.

2. Dermatologists recommended:

Dermatologists have approved it, and it is recommended to use it daily also.

3. Built-In Light:

There is a light in the side of the device which will illuminate the face. You can see the light, precise hair and remove them easily.

4. Removes hair with no trouble:

Use them on the upper lip, chin, or cheeks. You can use them around the eyebrows, too. There are many other places where you might want to use this device.

5. Safe to the Touch:

This device is safe to touch. The blades are behind the screen. You won’t have any injuries while touching it either.

6. Painfree:

This is the beauty of this device. It’s pain-free, without having any nicks or cuts. The device offers a smooth cut and perfect for the pubic areas too.

7. Use it regularly:

Use it daily. Do not wait for hair to grow. And as it does not irritate the skin, so why not?

8. The packaging is Discreet:

It is like a tube of lipstick. You can carry it with you, and people will think about it as a tube of lipstick. The packaging is discreet.

How can you remove hairs in the best way?

The Flawless doesn’t need specific steps before removing facial hair. It’s a better practice to have some preparations before applying anything to your face.

First of all, wash your face thoroughly. Use a cleanser you apply daily to your face. Try to reopen the clogged pores to avoid acne.

After washing, dry the skin very gently. One thing, do not use any lotion before using the Flawless. It glides more smoothly without lotion. Finally after using the device follow up with a lotion.

Know the ways of using the device

Press the gold button, and the cap will pop off. The gold button in the center turns the device on, and the motor starts working.

The light illuminates, gold top glides over the skin. Use the device in a circular motion and obviously gently. As we said earlier, this does not require a huge setup, just start using it.

How is the battery, what’s powering it?

It’s the battery that is powering the Flawless—no need to charge it. You just need a AA battery. You will get it with the device. Travel with it, having no worries.

How can I clean it?

Yes, it’s a good question. But it does not need to be cleaned after each use. Clean it frequently, depending on the usage. Get a small brush and get rid of the hairs out of the Flawless. And yes, keep in mind that it is not waterproof.

Some highlighted considerations before using it

1. Ways to keep it clean:

As we said earlier, it’s not waterproof. So show some creativity while cleaning. How to be creative?

Oh yes, use some alcohol. Be amazed by using some cotton swabs with alcohol. Some other alternatives are removing the head of the device and use water. And be more creative and use both of the ways together.

2. Replacement Screens can be Ordered:

Cleaning it properly though, won’t make sure that you are free from all dirt. So you have one option, and that is to order replacement heads. Order the screens and get started again.

3. The secret, discreet, and fancy:

Aaaah, this is the beauty of this device. Facial hair is a problem for women, and they are kind of shy about exposing it. So it can be a great asset for them. They can get rid of the embarrassment easily.

Since it seems like a tube of lipstick, it’s fancy too to use anywhere. And no reason to be questioned by others.


Finishing touch Flawless is a powerful device to get rid of hairs. Yes, we are saying it is powerful because it is so efficient. It is so gentle, which works well on your pubic hair. Your pubic areas will be safer than ever getting hypoallergenic features.

The battery is simple. It looks fancy and stylish. Take this on vacation and enjoy using it.

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