Braun ProSkin 3080s, series 3 is an excellent Electric Shaver and also popular among the customers because of its performance and extraordinary features. If you want a smooth and comfortable shave, this product is for you. It gives an excellent service to daily use as well. For the long battery life, stylish ergonomic, this product is a popular one and also reliable to use.

The floating shaving elements are independent and three in number. They have an excellent ability to reach the corners of your face, adapt it, and provide you with more comfort. One of the good things is having a micro comb that is specialized and gives you the advantage of shaving more hair in every stroke. If you want a gentler and comfortable shave, this feature of having a micro comb can help you a lot.

Another good add-up to this product is that you have no performance loss by shaving with it for 45 minutes. And when you are in a hurry and need a quick charge, it can provide you with a five-minute quick charge facility, which is also enough for one shave. You get a pop-up trimmer to precisely trim your mustaches and sideburns, and it is also built-in. You cannot wait for a durable wet and dry shave, and even use it on your own. This product is made in Germany and provides a 2-pin EU plug.

Box Included Braun series 3 3080

The Braun Series 3 3080s has some accessories. The accessories include

  • Travel case
  • Charging cord
  • Charging stand
  • Cleaning brush


Key Features Braun series 3 3080

1. Enjoy a close and gentle shave

You can experience a closer shave; it has three independently floating shaving elements. They give you great comfort reaching every corner of your face. You enjoy a smooth glide and reduce irritations.

2. Maximum efficiency

The Micro Comb can detect and catch more hair in every stroke; you can cut more efficiently and quickly because of this technology. The Micro Comb is specialized to perform this function.

3. Protect with Pressure-sensitive blades

The Pressure-sensitive blades help and can detect the ideal pressure you need for your skin. If you have sensitive skin, this feature can be suitable for your skin.

4. Built-in pop-up trimmer

Shape your mustaches and sideburns, and be at the best of your looks. The built-in pop-up trimmer in the back is suitable for a nice cut of the mustaches. Have a good shave with this pop-up facility.

5. Tackles hard to reach areas

The unique design, ergonomic, and other features, including precision head, can detect hard-reaching areas. Areas such as under the nose or neck can be safe and easy to trim with this electric shaver.

6. Shave wet or dry

Have a wet or dry shave, add anywhere you like to shave to your list because of this feature. You can have a try in the showers and use water, shaving gels, or foam. It offers a comfortable glide, and your face gets a smoother feel than you imagined.

7. Wash it, use it

Wash it and use it, and repeat. Keep it clean so that you can use it for a long time. Place it under the tap and clean it as you like to do.


8. Premium NiMH battery

The NiMH battery provides a lot of advantages. You need only 60 minutes for a full charge. Once you charge it, you can get 45 minutes of precision shaving performance. To add to that, this also provides a 5-minute quick charge facility; this is also ideal for one shave.

Summary and powerful features

  • The 5-minute quick charge facility is ideal for one shave.
  • The built-in pop-up precision trimmer at the back can give you an excellent smart look by shaping your mustaches.
  • It has a micro comb feature that enables you to get maximum efficiency on trimming. It detects more hair and cut efficiently at every stroke.

Why do you need it?

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3080s has some unique features. You can enjoy maximum efficiency by one of its best quality which is Specialised Micro Comb. The Premium NiMH battery is something new but offers an excellent service to the users. The unique design also tracks the areas which are tough to reach, making it one of the best electric shavers.



  •   Chances of irritation when used without shaving gel
  •   Do not have travel lock and protective cap
  •   You can have some troubles with long hair


  •   Specialized Micro Comb offers excellent efficiency
  •   Excellent battery life and charging stand
  •   Wet and dry shave
  •   100% waterproof

Final thought

The electric shaver braun series 3 3080s proskin best foil shaver for sensitive skin & stylish. It is famous for its ergonomic design and outlook. If you want an efficient, smart haircut, you can choose this product. The excellent battery life will give you peace and happiness. You will get all the accessories you need except the travel lock and protective cap, which is one of the cons of this product. Other than some cons, overall, this product can help you a lot. You can avoid costly saloons and enjoy comfortable shaving & trimming balls at home.