are you Confused, How to Get the Closest Shave on your face?

If you are men, you must be aware of the struggles of the everyday shaving routine. Picking up the right shaving device is just not the fair enough thing. However, knowing the proper shaving technique with your needs as prior plays a vital role too.

Closest shaving your face, indeed, needs more care, especially if you have sensitive skin. Rather than using manual razors, buying of closest shave electric razor is a more reliable choice to trust upon. The uniqueness of such high-tech devices offers great shaving with no effort, pain, and fuss.

Shaves need special pre and posts preparations for a smoother and closer shaving experience. Generally, most people get strike over a question, how to get a close shave. Well, it is easy, yet needs careful parameters.

In this, we will be helping you with efficient points and precautions you need to take care of to get the closest and safest shave. Below are some crucial aspects for the perfect shave, with electric shavers daily.


1. How the electric shaver works on the skin surface

Traditional razors are now replaced with electric razors for a close shave, but knowing its right work efficiency is major. As a fact, electric shavers don’t actually touch the skin surface, so getting smoothest and closest shaving is not that easy. However, the functioning of electric razors mainly cuts and trims the hairs.

Technically, electric razors come with two different mechanisms, rotary, and foil. Both shaving technologies are different from each other. As rotary shaving blades follow the spinning mechanism, with circular blade movement. Furthermore, foil shavers support the mechanism of the circular motion of moil metal foils. It even moves up and down, with no fuss and pain.

As a fact, rotary shavers are quite slowers than foil razors. So people with more wrinkles and sensitive skin should buy the best foil shaver for sensitive skin. However, foil shavers are more reliable options for the closest shaving experience so more picked by young men and women.

2. Wash Your Face Properly

Before starting off with shaving over the skin, do wash your face thoroughly. Follow this regime every single time when you want to shave your face. You can use regular tap water, but washing your face with warm water will help you in the best way to remove dirt and oil from the skin pores.

It even enables your skin to open pores and loosen up your stubble as well. This will help you ideally for the perfect and closest shave. More good is wet shaving than dry shaving as it even reduces the risk of cuts and razor burns.

3. Use Pre-Shave Oil

It would be great if you will apply pre-shaving oil according to your skin type to keep skin moisturized and hydrated. Appling of pre-shave oil will help your skin hairs loosen up and even exfoliate your skin. This step is also crucial for people with sensitive skin to avoid the issues of cuts, rashes, and itchy bumps on the skin.

4. Time For Safest And Closest Shaving

For the closest shave, right shaving gear, and accurate handling, with a perfect technique, all are important. If you are using the rotary shaver, then gently move it around your face in a circular pattern.

However, if you are using a foil razor, then the idea is to move it in a vertical direction. Generally, you can go with or against hair grains with foil shavers. The safest is to little stretch your skin for a gentle and closest shaving experience.

5. Skin Irritation Is Major So Pick A Razor With Cooling System

Itching on the skin is quite a common issue, especially with people with sensitive skin. The precise use of an electric shaver while Close Shaving For face can slightly irritate you. So always get a shaver that inherits a cooling system to lowers the skin’s redness and itchiness.

6. Check If The Electric Shaver Is Super Flexible

Earlier manual razors were not that adjustable shaving devices, so prone skin irritation was a significant drawback. But the advanced electric razor is quite a reliable option that is designed with ultra flexibility mode.

This crucially adjusts the shaving device according to face cuts and edges, which automatically lowers the risk of razor burns. The easy adaptation of a shive device will not allow any skin damage and passes with ease on the skin surface.

7. Post-Shaving Care

The use of aftershave products like balm, lotion, aftershave gels is predominant to keep skin safe and moisturized. It is, however, more good to use aftershave balm or gel than liquid aftershave products. As such, products can coat your skin that reduces skin irritations and even protects the skin from getting infected.

8. Tips To Maintain Electric Shaver

  • Keep your electric razor, clean and maintained, so rinse them underwater, as if recommended by the razor brand.
  • A washable electric shaver helps in removing dead skin, hairs, dirt, and other debris, and let it hygienic for the next use.
  • To maintain the sharpness of blades, use lubricating oil, this will surely help in the ideal running of blades for years.
  • Also, check the battery runtime, if cordless and wire durability to avoid any accidental failures while plugins.
  • Timely check on blades, foil, and other parts of the shaver, for long-lasting efficiency.
  • If need, replace the blades or foil with reliable brand parts only.


Picking of right kind of electric shaving appliance is quite accessible from many available brands and designs. But getting the Close Shave For Sensitive Skin, especially at the bikini line, pubic area, even face, is more challenging. The invention of electric razors has, however, reduced the risk, also making shaving more convenient.

Generally, people face the issue of skin burns, irritations and rashes, after shaving with electric razors. Thus, keeping all precautions prior will significantly help you to get the closest and safest shaving experience. To obtain minimal skin irritations, choose the right shaving gear, and apply the proper technique.