Trimmer is getting one essential product to have in possession for young men. But the industry is yet to offer steady products to meet your complete satisfaction.

Not many electric shaver-trimmer combos are available at regular prices. But Philips seems dedicated to surprising its customers with viable solutions.

Norelco OneBlade QP2520/90 integrates multiple convenient features to make your day. Combining black, silver & bright green – the outlook is sure to catch your attention.

Comfort, durability & operation – everything counts impressive with its design. And you better stick to our Philips Norelco OneBlade review to explore its benefits.

For Whom This Product Is Designed?

Philips promises to introduce revolutionary electric grooming for stylish men. Its overall superiority stands pretty clear from a conventional electric razor.

Whether it’s the beard, stubble, or facial hair styles – OneBlade delivers extreme precision. The design explicitly enables trimming, edging & shaving with optimum service.


Why Should You Choose This Product?

The intended grooming tool integrates superior cutting technology to size facial hair.

Choosing the device can definitely get you introduced to a new experience. There are several good reasons to save your bucks on this affordable design.

Its revolutionized service can trim, edge & shave any type of hair. The design stands compatible with men wearing beards, stubble, or certain facial styles.

Noticeably fast-moving cutter holds precise outcome to line up the style in seconds. Its 200x movement supports the matching stubble. In fact, you’re to choose from three different lengths.

The application includes 1mm tight trim, 3mm standard stubble & 5mm extended stubble.

OneBlade sensitive skin protection prevails to let you feel comfortable with its operation. Blade arrangement manages a steady distance from the contacting skin. Integration of a dual-protection system helps with longer hair cutting.

Stainless steel frame holds black, silver & bright green to match your colorful lifestyle. Metal structure enables maximum durability for multiple years of use.

Absolute water resistance keeps the interior mechanism intact. There’s no chance of outside intrusion, retaining the efficiency.

Meanwhile, a rechargeable NiMH battery remains inside to require 8 hours of charge. And it keeps the product running for 45 consecutive minutes.

However, Philips prefers rigid blades for its simple shaver-trimmer combo. Therefore, you must handle the blades with care to avoid breakage.

But you’re to change the blades every 4 months on frequent applications (2 shaves/week). And blade replacement stands pretty simple. Minimal hassle will give you any trouble with the change.

Key Features

  • Dual-sided blade to enable precise edging.
  • Extremely fast movement to cut all facial hair.
  • Three different stubble lengths for trimming.
  • Rechargeable battery for extended running.
  • Sufficient skin distance for comfortable cuts.
  • Absolute water-resistant steel framework.



  •   Distortions at men jewels.
  •   Low-quality sensitive comb.
  • ✘   Not a razor replacement.


  •  Protective cuts on every use.
  • Simple replacement options.
  •  Contour-following operation.
  •  Long-lasting battery power.
  •  Superb maintenance support.
  •  Effortless lining up for styles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Is Philips Norelco OneBlade good for pubic hair?

Answer: Norelco OneBlade to feature QP2520/90 model number isn’t exactly for pubic hair. But the series includes multiple full-body grooming products. In that case, you better look into the Norelco OneBlade for pubic hair options.

Question: Does OneBlade clean shave?

Answer: OneBlade doesn’t explicitly support everyday close, precise, clean shave. Instead, it delivers facial hair trimming with limited stubble. The design maintains a subtle distance from the skin to enable comforting cuts.

Question: How long does Philips Norelco OneBlade last?

Answer: The blades require replacement every 4 months on frequent use. It deliberately covers 2 full applications per week. But light users can expect the blades to serve somewhat longer. And the battery lifespan depends on proper recharge.

Question: Can you use Philips one blade on your body?

Answer: Likewise, the reviewed product strictly trims, edges & shaves facial hair. But you’re to check other products from the Norelco OneBlade line. Also, purchasing the body kit to make an attachment can serve your purpose.

Question: How do I know when my Philips blade needs replacing?

Answer: Philips equips its OneBlade with a blade-wear indicator. The bar remains green from the start to show no wearing damage. But the greenish appeal will start to fade with gradual uses. Clear visibility of the bar calls for immediate replacement.


Grooming kit is consistently changing towards further improvement, extra features & customer satisfaction. And Phillips still holds the top brand value in the industry with supportive designs.

The intended Norelco OneBlade is sure to meet the satisfaction against its initial investment. In-depth Philips OneBlade review should occupy your thoughts on the product.

Its exclusive simplicity stands to secure your grooming preference with precision. Of course, you’re to settle for the negatives to enjoy the plus.

Cheap or affordable tag can’t raise questions on the overall quality. Therefore, it’s obviously worth your consideration on a tight or limited budget.

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