Philips Norelco One blade review


The Philips Norelco oneblade is a bit different from regular shavers or trimmers. You can call it as an electric razor which can be charged and then you can use it. It’s specially made for men who tends to wear stylish beard, stubble and facial hairstyles on them.  It has three different sizes of combs which can help you to trim and shave any length of hair. Overall, Philips oneblade can get you a better performance with a small price. Let’s get into it to know more.

Revolutionary design:

The Philips Norelco OneBlade is more likely the same size comparing to other shavers. It’s easy to carry because of light weight and proper size. Around 205 to 330 grams of weight and 7.1 x 8.1 x 2.4 inches of size it has.

You can carry it on your bag or pocket easily for a long time. It’s so satisfied to hold the shaver on your hands because of its gaudy green grip you can say and it’s not that slippery. Because of the curved body shape you can shave precisely.

As it is an electric shaver, it has a power button and an eject slider to remove the head. As well as, a charging point from where you can connect the wire and charge it.

You can find 0.9-9 mm size of combs with the product which helps you to shave at your own style. This product has only one blade which can oscillated 200 times per second.

The blade includes three sizes of blades which have different works. For tight trim 1mm is useful. 3mm for stubble and lastly for long stubble it is 5mm.

The blade is covered with a dual protection system which is surrounded with plastic and it protects your skin. It is helpful with the head pivots because it lets you shave in difficult places easily.

The head can’t be taken there for so long as Philips recommended to change it every four months, though if you take a good care of it and do not use regularly then it can run for 5-6 months. . You can change it with the eject button as previously mentioned.

Above all, it is properly designed for a cool shave which is so satisfying.


Unbelievable Performance:

Philips Norelco OneBlade will give you the best performance regarding to its cheaper price, you might not find a better shaver or trimmer at the low price compared to this product.

By that one blade you can have a nice cooling shave at a short time which is so amazing. However, it has some problems with the noise while changing the combs.

Though you won’t regret because this device can cut any length of hair and give a decent look. Well, it is a matter of sorrow that it can’t cut the thick hairs. So it’ll a good feature for middle range hairs.

For the dual sided design conducts you to cut hairs from any angle similarly in terms of shaving hairs. But it makes troubles with long hairs so I’ll suggest not to cut long hairs with this device. Even if you go for dense hairs then you should check that the hairs must be removed upon the blade after 15-20 seconds, otherwise the device may disappoint you with the slow pace.

Electric devices are compromised with waters, certainly this device isn’t. It can be used dry and wet. You can easily rinse it with the water or with the foam.

Most common problems for any kind of shaver or trimmer is these devices can cause skin irritation. A humble thanks to Philips to provide polymer shield which resists the skin irritation and other problems of face.

Talking about the performance of shaving hairs anywhere, it comes up with the fastest shaving ever. It allows you to shave and trim comfortably anywhere on your face. It leaves you with a gentle face on you.

However, it’s suggested to use it to shave your body and private areas. Because it’s only made to shave on your face and around the neck.

I should say people will be benefited by this product hugely.


Battery and usage:

Every electric device has the questions about its battery charging system. Well, you might regret for its long time charging.

It is great to have nimh battery which is rechargeable.

After 8 hours of charging it allows you to shave for 45 minutes to almost one hour. Easily you can have two full shave per week.

Replacements parts:

Talking about replacements parts, you are recommended to replace the blade after 4-5 to months.

Many people would ask how to get to know when it’s the time to change the blade?

The answer is you can see a green bar while using the blade. You are suggested to change the blade when that bar is highly visible. Thus you can have a great performance.

Compared to other electric OneBlades, Philips Norelco is the best regarding to its cheaper price and performance. You can buy it under 34£/ 40$.


  •   Blades are little bit expensive


    •   Very versatile for trim, edge and shave
    • ✓   Modern and smooth looking
    •   Lightweight
    •   Long lasting battery with LED indicator
    •   Clean and close shave
    •   Sharp blade
    •   No irritation
    •   Low price (useful for low and midrange customers)
    •   Different sizes of combs



Those who loves to keep a stylish look onto his face and need an affordable trimmer, Philips Norelco OneBlade must be the best choice for you.

With an affordable price and for long lasting shaving you can have a fresh and comfortable face.

I should say go and bring the product at your home before wasting any time.

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