Sensitive skin, needs a lot of care, before opting for any type of cosmetic, beauty product, or even shavers. It’s not only about women with sensitive skin, but most men also have such discomforting hypersensitive skin issues. Women have lots of solutions to deal with sensitive epidermis prior to cosmetic and beauty care products. But when it comes to the best electric shaver for sensitive Skin, nobody wants to get skin itchiness and irritations.

irritated skin gets quickly affected by shaving discomforts and painful experiences, especially with traditional razors. People with hypersensitive skin quickly get shaving bumps, rashes, and other skin itchiness with blades. When using the right kind of men’s shavers for sensitive skin, it enables such skin sensitivity issues.

After all, the best electric shavers, designed and upgraded with more features that bring pain-free and comfortable shaving. It not only offers the closest shaving and smoother effects with zero epidermis itchiness.

People with sensorial skin, find it tricky to pick up the right kind of best electric shaver for sensitive epidermis when countless options are available. Shaving for them is really a challenging task when it needs to get rid of facial and body hair. To get over with something straightforward, we are highlighting some hacks, tips, and the best electric shaver for tough beard and sensitive skin people.

Below is a really informative guide about the right kinds of electric shavers, by many beauty care brands. Let’s scroll and check which suits you best and in what ways like features or price.

Compare top 12 best electric razor for acne prone skin

Electric Shavers

Run Time


Braun Series 6 6075cc50 minCheck Price
Philips Norelco Shaver 790050 minCheck Price
Braun Series 7 790cc50 minCheck Price
Braun Series 3 3010BT45 minCheck Price
Braun Series 7 7865cc50 minCheck Price
Braun Series 3 3040s ProSkin45 minCheck Price
Braun Series 5 5190cc50 minCheck Price
Panasonic ES-LA63-S ARC42 minCheck Price
RENPHO 2 in 160 minCheck Price
Philips Norelco 750050 minCheck Price
Philips Norelco OneBlade45 minCheck Price
Remington F5-580060 minCheck Price

What is the Best electric shaver for sensitive skin

Many beauty care product brands have launched various types of shavers with unique and advanced features. And if you are struggling with sensitive skin shaving experiences, relax, our product reviewing will help you best. Our guiding manual will let you choose the right electric shaver to get a hassle-free shaving experience every day.

Below are some advanced and top-notched electric shavers that suit sensitive skin.

1. Braun Series 6 6075cc SensoFlex Electric Shaver

The Electric shaver has some unique features, including SensoFlex. It has a swivel head which is beneficial to sensitive skin. The head adapts with the skin and reduces the pressure-induced on the surface. The SensoFoil blades have a specific design that provides closeness. It touches the delicate hairs and comforts the skin, which is also the best electric shaver for acne-prone skin. You can offer a close shave using the SensoFlex head; dermatologists tested it. It has a Lithium-ion battery for up to 21 days of shaving with one charge of 50 minutes. So it is long-lasting. For one full shave, you need a 5-minute fast charge. You can use it both wet and dry since it is 100% waterproof. You will get 4in1 SmartCare center, attachments for a beard trim, with just a simple press you can do multiple things including charging and cleaning. You can have some of the best grooming opportunities with the guards, style from 0.5mm to 7mm. It is easy to handle with a perfect ergonomic design, shave effortlessly with comfortable movement.

Braun Electric Razor Series 6 6075cc


Why Is This Top Pick?

The sensitive electric shaver includes some of the key features like SensoFlex, especially beneficial to sensitive skin. It is a perfect men’s shaver for sensitive skin. The SensoFoil blades have a specific design; you can have a very close shave with it. The battery life is extraordinary, use it for up to 21 days with just a 50-minute full charge with an added advantage of a 5-minute fast charge. You can also style with it from 0.5mm to 7mm.


  •   Sometimes doesn’t give a close shave


  •   100% waterproof for Wet & Dry use
  •   Includes SensoFlex head
  •   SensoFoil blades provide a close shave
  •   Up to 21 days use with one full charge

2. Philips Norelco Shaver 7900 S7940/84

The electric shaver has Anti-friction Rings, and you can have a comfortable, close shave for it. The rings give maximum comfort, reducing friction; the rings encircle the shaver heads and have a coating of multiple small, glass-like spheres. You can get a close shave, mainly because of the GentlePrecision blades. The Contour Detect Heads detects every part of your skin, and can reach to every corner and curves, pressure requirement is also less and stress minimizes.

You can shave wet or dry since it is 100% waterproof. You can have a comfortable wet shave using the gels or foams. You get a personal shave plan, with an app, dermatologists developed it. You can get personal advice and has the option of tracking your progress shave-by-shave. All you need to do is just pair your shaver with the app. Statistics show that 89% of people’s sensitive skin could reduce irritation within 21 days. The BeardAdapt Sensor detects thick, dense beards and adjusts the force required naturally. You have Sensitive Shave Settings, after pairing your device, with the app you can select your speed or shave with the recommended speed perfect for your skin. There are three-speed options, including regular, sensitive and extra sensitive. You can have a cordless 50 minutes shave with one full charge. And for your full charge, you need just 1 hour.


Why Is This Top Pick?

The electric shaver includes Anti-friction Rings. You can get a maximum close shave minimizing friction. It includes GentlePrecision blades for a precise, close-cut, which is also an ideal wet shaver for sensitive skin. The other key features are The Contour Detect Head, which detects every part of the skin and reaches every corner. It has a BeardAdapt Sensor for detecting dense beards. You can get personal advice, pairing your device with the app, and track your progress shave-by-shave. For more comfort, you get another excellent feature, which is Sensitive Shave Setting, and select your recommended speed for a shave.


  •   Sometimes GentlePrecision Blades does not work


  •   100% washable
  •   Wet or dry shave
  •   Anti-friction Rings
  •   Contour Detect Heads
  •   BeardAdapt Sensor
  •   Pairing with an app
  •   GentlePrecision Blades for a close shave

3. Braun Series 7 790cc electric shaver

If you are looking for an upgraded shaver then Braun Electric Shaver Series 7 790cc is an ideal choice for men. You know best Braun electric shaver for sensitive skin is a known brand in designing shaving devices for best men and women’s electric shaver for sensitive skin. They are the developers of high tech and advanced electric shavers with many series. Unlike many of its series shavers, Braun electric shaver series 7 790cc best men’s electric shaver for sensitive skin is a quality foil shaver with all updated features.

It is a significant choice for men & women with sensitive skin that will assist you best with a smoother and maintained clean shave. It comes with Sonic Technology that offers smoother skin, with micro-vibrating effects to clean hairs. The device equipped with the Active Lift Trimmer system that cuts of harder hairs and makes the shaving experience hassle-free.

It offers less skin irritation to sensitive skin shavers, which automatically cuts the chance of getting skin issues. It comes with 5 unique yet sensitive skin mode options, with the right of your type. For most of the assistance, you need to adjust the sensitive mode that suits your needs. The maximum mode you pick will offer extra power to the device. The minimum you switch will provide gentle power for reliable shaving.


Why is this top pick

Braun Electric Shaver Series 7 790cc is one of the practical kind of shaving device for men every day. It is complete packages when it comes to reliability, usability, durability with all advanced features. It is chargeable, so it is cordless with 2 in 1 dock station. This device is one of the gentle shavers available in the market for men with  acne prone skin.


  •   Quite heavy to handle but gripped.
  •   It is quite a costly


  •   It comes with Sonic Technology to get hard to reach hairs shaved perfectly.
  •   Five sensitive skin turbo modes.
  •   Easy to handle & use.
  •   Waterproof up to 5 meters.
  •   Can be used for both wet or dry.
  •   Easy to clean & maintain.
  •   The full battery offers 50 minutes of powerful shaving experience.
  •   It comes with a 2-year warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  •   Best electric shaver for sensitive acne-prone skin

4. Braun series 3 shave&style 3010bt

When we talk about shaving devices, then Braun shavers is back with its new model Braun series 3 shave and style 3010bt. This specific shaver is a 3-in-1 shaving device offering you with basic trim, edge shave, more flexible options for a smoother shave. It offers the user a convenient shaving experience, even on edges and difficult spots.

The device comes with 5 combo options to get a 3-day beard look that adds more style. It comes with removable and exchangeable trimmer heads to shape and style your masculine look. Its metal mesh guard offers a comfortable and smooth clean shave to men with sensitive skin. The device designed with high adjustable and flexible mode and more advancement.

Braun 3010bt men’s series 3 pro skin shaver is a water-resistant and rust-resistant shaving device. It offers both wet and dry shaving options with a convenient and smoother experience. Braun series 3 3010bt shaving pubic hair perfectly.


Why is this top pick

Braun series 3 3010bt shaver and beard trimmer is cordless, -water-proof, and useful for both wet and dry shaving experience. What makes it stand out is its 3-in-1 grooming options with 5 comb attachments for a stubble look. Easy to use, maintain, and clean. Even also durable and stable shaving design ideal for sensitive skin men.


  •   Braun series 3 3010bt is quite pricy, so it is less preferred.
  •   Comes with NiMH battery


  •   It is a durable, stable & 100% waterproof
  •   Five combos (1-7mm)
  •   Run time of 45 minutes.
  •   Exchangeable trimmers enable.
  •   Wet & Dry Shave.

5. Braun series 7 7865cc Men’s shavers

Unlike other Braun Shavers Series, again this brand comes with its one more classic shaving device under series 7. This particular shaving gadget is smart, advanced, and ultimately packed with all top-notched features. This is again one of the best-reviewed electric shavers for men with sensitive skin.

Braun Series 7 7865cc Wet & dry electric shaver is a fantastic designed to compete for the market with many other brands with the same specifications and desired demands. It comes with a powerful battery life, durable design, and updated settings.

Braun Series 7 7865cc electric shaver is unique and thoughtful shaving equipment with LED display, five power setting options, etc. It brings a more useful shaving experience with a smoother and gentle shave. This shaving device by Braun Series 7 precisely convenient and hassle-free shaver with cordless usability.

Its long battery life gives a reliable run time of 50 minutes when completely charged. This electric shaver is suitable as is durable, sturdy, and comfortable in grip you can rely on. This easy to maintain, clean, and use. It is water-resistant and rustproof, shaver with more accessibility.


Why is this top pick

Braun Series 7 7865cc men’s electric foil shaver is a thoughtful electric shaver with all advanced features like led display, quality battery timing, built-in responsive intelligence, High-Grade Shaving Mechanisms, Intuitive Design, and Robustly Made Body, Flexible Operation, Easy to Clean, Battery and Charging. The device, packed with five personalized shaving modes, enables then comfortable shaving style for men with sensitive skin. It offers skin-friendly trimming even at challenges like the nose, sideburns, etc. Braun electric shaver series 7 7865cc men’s electric shaver embedded with high tech engineering technology in Germany. It provides a gentle and smoother shaving experience.


  •   The weight is quite bulky, so it is difficult for usability.
  •   It is not that pocket-friendly, quite costly than other Braun series 7 models.


  •   Give in the closest, gentle, and smoother shave.
  •   It is, so is cordless, comes with convenient usability.
  •   Shaver comes with -water-proof feature up to 5          meters.
  •   This Braun series shaving device is available with an    LED screen display, charging dock station.
  •   Best electric face shaver for sensitive skin.
  •   Easy to clean and maintain.

6. Braun series 3 pro skin 3040s electric shaver

Braun Series 3 Proskin 3040s best wet dry electric shaver for sensitive skin is a shaving device that comes under budget within unique features and modes. This ProsSkin electric shaver by Braun Shavers is a durable, portable, and stable design, offering smoother shave within convenience. It is not a heavy-duty shaving device like the Braun series, 5, 7, or 9 but still good.

Braun electric shaver series 3 Proskin 3040s men’s electric shaver features three shaving elements for a gentle and closest shaving experience with complete comfort. It is embedded with German engineering on ultra-sharp blades, for easy and smoother shaving effects.

This shaving device from Braun Shavers lies in series-3, which is quite durable and reliable kind of electric shaver. It is easy to use, handy to grip, portable to carry, offering gentle shaving experience. The device comprises of super-sharp blades, and guard design helps in smooth shaving for men with sensitive skin. The usability of the shaver is faster in catching unwanted facial hairs, with hassle-free and pain-free shaving experience.

It is quite a flexible kind of shaver that allows convenient shaving of hard spots, and difficult areas like under the nose. The shaver is easily featured with pop up trimmer for sideburn and mustache trimming. It is light weighted so is easy to handle and carry in travel, comes with charging dock and cleaning station.


Why is this top pick

Braun electric shaver series 3 proskin 3040s is quite useful, durable, and stable as well, with a pocket-friendly price. It embeds with a NiMH battery, which needs 45 minutes for a full charge. In fact, the 5-minute charge is reason enough for one full shaving experience. The shaver is easy to clean and maintain and is convenient with both wet and dry shaving. It also embedded with cleaning brush at top, with charging dock with foregoing cleaning dock too.


  •   If compared with Braun series 7, 5, 9 then is less efficient shaver.
  •   Does not pivot and adjust according to face shape


  •   The device comes with SensoFoil guard and ProSkin Micro Comb, offering more efficient shaving and durability for sensitive skin.
  •   It is water-resistant, corrosion-resistant and light-weighted shaver useful for both wet-dry shave and comfortable handling.
  •   Easy to use, clean, and maintain, as embedded with all required featured and modes.

7. Braun series 5 5190cc electric shaver

If you are finding shaving and grooming a challenging task with sensitive skin, then Braun Series 5 5190cc is the ideal choice for you. It comes with the state-of-the-art technology with useful quality components. Offering a smoother, gentle, and comfortable shaving experience. This shaver by Braun Shavers is quite punching with usability, and durability, which minimizes the shaving irritations. It is one of the sturdy shaver supportive to smoother shaving and trimming effects.

This Braun Series 5 shaver model 5190cc is not only suitable for sensitive skin but also all skin types. It ideally features with top-notched advances and easy to clean, oiled and charged. For easy cleaning and charging, it includes clean and charging dock station mode.

This is an NFL electric shaver with a strong performance in both rough and tough shaving. It’s ultra FlexMotion  Technology enables less pressure on the skin to get less painful shaving. It offers gentle shaving with less pressure, fewer efforts but great results.


Why is this top pick

It is a cost-efficient shaver by Braun 5190cc series 5 which features micro pulsation technology. If you are looking for pocket-friendly shaver by the same brands than it is the ideal alternative of series 7. The shaver is excellent and useful for both wet/dry or only dry shaving. A reliable shaver with good durability, especially for men with sensitive skin.


  •   Quite bulky to handle, so needed careful gripping.
  •   The charging dock station is also heavier.
  •   Useful but noisy shaver.


  •   Embedded with NFL specification.
  •   It needs less pressure over the skin.
  •   It comprises of easy cleaning, oiling, and charging dock station.
  •   It offers gentle and smoother shave with its UltaActiveLift Technology on even hard-to-reach edges.
  •   Ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
  •   Super flexible and adjustable with head moves in eight directions.
  •   Best electric shaver for coarse hair and sensitive skin.
  •   For sure, a -water-proof shaver.

8. Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 men’s electric razor

Panasonic, a known brand in beauty care devices, holds a high-quality ES-LA63-S Arc4 shaver. It is not that worth costly and also offers pretty-perfect shaving experience, especially for sensitive skin men.

It is significantly supportive in both wet and dry shaves with hassle-free and pain-free shaving effects. This shaver safe and easy to use so it can be used in the front or out from a look in the mirror. The device is quite advanced, so is cordless, water-, and portable, which automatically generates its usability prior to durability.

Panasonic advanced and high tech Panasonic es la63 s arc4 best electric shaver for sensitive black skin is ideal with design, uses, and features and causes less or no skin irritations. It is featured with a high-quality motor with powerful performance, delivering 14,000 cuts in a minute. shaver embeds with four super sharp blades for hyper yet comfortable shaving.
It comes with an adjustable head that is multi-pivoting flexibility, offering smooth gliding of shaver on the skin and even edges. The shaver comes with great usability, sturdiness, and durability with 2 years of manufacturer warranty. If you encounter any device issues, Panasonic will reliable to serve you best with excellent customer support.


Why is this top pick

Panasonic ES LA63 S ARC4 Electric Shaver wet & dry is an ideal choice for men with sensitive skin, with quick, easy, and powerful shaving experience. It is an impressive shaver with quality performance, four-blade, and dual motor components. It is a perfect electric head shaver with pop up trimmer, LED display, and more advanced features. The device is -water-proof and rust-free, which gives both wet and dry shaving.


  •   Often gets a little hot when used longer without a break.


  •   The multi-flexible pivoting head
  •   offers 14,000 shaving experience in one minute.
  •   Comes with four super-sharp blades, LED display and advanced options.
  •   Convenient in use for wet and dry shaving experiences.
  •   Easy to recharge, so is cordless, makes it a highly portable shaver.
  •   Water-proof, easy to clean, maintain, and handle.
  •   Best electric shaver for black men with sensitive skin.
  •   Takes 1 hour for full battery charge

9. RENPHO best men’s shaver

RENPHO Men’s Electric Shaver 2 in 1 an ideal 2-in-i multi-functional advanced shaver, easy to use, handle and maintain. It a significant electric shaver with all basic rotary options and modes, offering three floating shaving elements. It holds a functionality to be a shaver or a trimmer in nanoseconds whenever needed. The shaver embedded with a security lock, independently adjusting mode, etc.

The shaver is multi-purpose, with all basic to specific features of shaver-cum-trimmer. It comprises of the super-adjustable head that moves independently with easy shaving effects. This RENPHO electric shaver is pocket-friendly and user-friendly for daily use.

It offers both wet and dry shaving experience, in addition to safe, comfortable, and convenient shaving. It is IPX7 water-resistant and safe to use in the shower, even can be clean under running water. Gives hassle-free and pain-free shaving effects for sensitive skin users.

The shaver equipped with an advanced security lock system goes with on/off option when in safe travel mode. It comes with detaching blades, that enable easy cleaning and maintaining of the device.


Why is this top pick

RENPHO Men’s Electric Shaver 2 in 1 is a favorable shaving device offering all useful options at affordable prices. The tool is easy to use, handle, and multi-functional. It can be converted into a reliable trimmer from the shaver, according to preference. It is a water-resistant, durable, portable kind of advance shaver by RENPHO contours easily. Embedded with four quality blades, rotary heads and more specifications for the refreshing shave.


  •   Some reviews claim that this specific shaver is quite less sharp, then required.


  •   The shaver is durable, portable, and light-weighted.
  •   Embedded with LED display, high-quality battery life, and security lock mechanism
  •   Pocket-friendly shaver with upgraded and useful features.
  •   Easy to clean, lubricate and maintain, with charging and cleaning dock station.
  •   Multi-functionality with cordless makes shaving experience more comfortable and convenient.

10. Philips norelco electric shaver 7500 for sensitive skin

This is considered as one of the ordinary yet advanced feature rotary foil shaver, enabling a comfortable shaving experience. It embeds with Comfort Rings offering anti-friction shaving effects. The Philips Norelco Multigroom 7500 offers gentle glide shaving with no pain and less irritation.

The shaver accesses easiest and convenient shaving even at edges and counterparts, making it closest to skin.

It comes with multi-functionality and dynamic flex technology, that enables shaver’s head to move in five directions. Philips Norelco shaver 7500 allows shavers to with effortless and super flexible shaving at hard edges of the face, jaw, etc. It’s ultra-sharp gentle precision blades allows the closest cutting, trimming and shaving even to flat-lying facial hairs. It is embedded with LED display, enables with battery level, and also informs you with the replacement of shaver heads. It also automatically fetch the clean time of your shave.

Philips Norelco stainless steel Multigroom 7500 comes with cleaning and charging dock station, so enable it with perfect lubrication, clean and charging modes. It is not merely a rotary shaver but comes with detachable heads. It is a multi-purpose shaver that can also turn into a reliable trimmer, to get stylish beard, side burn, and mustache trimming. The shaver, water-resistant, corrosion-resistant and suitable for both wet & dry shaving.


Why is this top pick

Philips Norelco Multigroom Pro Trimmer series 7500 is entirely a useful shaving device that is easy to carry, clean, and comfortable with convenient features. This shaver is rechargeable so it is cordless, which makes it a more ideal choice among men with travel schedules. The complete charge takes about 50 minutes for smoother and gently shaving performance.


  •   The shaver is quite bulky in weight, but still easy to handle, grip and carry.
  •   It is not quite user-friendly as it need a lot of careful cleaning and maintaining.


  •   The shaver is super deluxe with less noise and gentle shaving effects.
  •   Ultra-flexible is offering all contour of face edges.
  •   Embedded with LED display, five-direction flexy head, Aquatech, and smart click technology.
  •   Easy to clean, maintain, and charge.
  •   Light-weighted so is convenient in travel and working as well.
  •   It is 100% -water-proof shaver, even ideal for both wet and dry shaving experience and easy cleaning.

11. Philips Norelco OneBlade FACE QP2520

This is genius design by Philips Norelco, for those who are prone to use a single blade trimmer. However, not a sturdy and potent structure like other available one blade electric shavers but quite durable and useful. It is actually a half trimmer and half shaver offering modest all-in-one usability like other electric shaver. It trims, shaves and style but with a single blade featuring. Ideal for men with sensitive skin, as lowers the itching while shaves, offering gentle shaver effects.

Philips Norelco OneBlade FFP QP2520/90 is unique of its kind serving all muti functionality within one blade only. It comprises of unique cross-hatch design for smoother shaves, easy to grip and protects the skin from sharper blades edges.

The green-tipped teeth of the shaver protect skins from getting uneven injuries. It shavers work over with oscillating blades for perfect shaving experience along with trimmer head movement with the face. The teeth designed over the shaver flows with both upward and downward motions, with OneBlade uniqueness. It takes complete 8 hours for full battery recharge with 45 minutes of shaving time.


Why is this top pick

Quite bright in the shade, with unique designed teeth offering safer shaving experience. The comb structure of the shaver enables gentle and close shaving capabilities in addition to trimming mode.  Philips Norelco OneBlade FFP QP2520/90 is significant trimming tool with all basic options of trimming and shaving, as a hybrid unit by the brand.


  •   Takes too much of time in charging yet offers short battery life.


  •   Quite light in weight and small in size, so it is easy to use and carry for smoother shaving.
  •   Comprises with protective comb teeth for secure shaving experience.
  •   It includes 3 stubble combs, 1mm, 3mm, and 5mm for more stylish looks and shaves.
  •   Suitable for both wet and dry shaving, as -water-proof.
  •   Easy to clean and charge, with the docking station.

12. Remington F5-5800 foil shaver men’s electric razor

Let’s unbox the last yet one of the top-rated electric shaver For Sensitive Skin, that is  Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver. It makes shaving experience more comfortable, and convenient as it comes with quick charging time. Foil shaver easily rechargeable so is obviously cordless shaver. This comprises of intercept line between the foils for easy cutting of longer hairs.

Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver enables hassle-free and pain-free shaving effects for men with sensitive skin. Unique and thoughtful shaver in pocket-friendly prices with basic, user-friendly modes and options. It offers gentle, smoother, and closer shaving experience, with a minimum of skin irritations. Its proven-flex technology provides such soothing shaving effects in both wet and dry trimming & shaving.

The device is handy, easy to grip and comes with a pop-up trimmer for finishing touch on sideburns, edges, etc. It takes just 2 hours for complete charging and offers 60 minutes of shaving run time with cordless usability.


Why is this top pick

Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver is easy to use, quite durable and handy because it is cordless shaver. It inherits with all completely necessary to advanced features that make this an everyday kind of shaver. If you have impressionable skin, then this foil shaver from Remington is a suitable choice for gentle, pain-free, and comfortable shaving experience. Easy to clean, charge, and maintain as is water-resistant and corrosion-resistant.


  •   The shaver is quite bulky yet needs ideal and careful handling.


  •   Adjustable shaving head offering closest shaving experience because of Pivot Flex Foil Tech.
  •   This shaver offers an intercept shaving option that enables pre-trimming of longer facial hairs.
  •   Master shaver with pop up trimmer, cordless usability, quality battery life, LED display, etc.
  •   Easy to clean, charge, and maintain, with durable design.

Why need choose skin friendly electric shaver

These are advanced, shaving devices, packed with unique features and specifications, that bring smoother and comfortable shaving experience. Picking top-notched electric shaver for sensory skin is a significant choice that saves, time, energy, and offers convenience as well.

If you need to get out of the hassle of shaver blades, cartridges or disposable shaving kits, pick right electric shaver. These shaving gadgets come with the multi-blade system, flexible features, and excellent options that enable easy and quick shaving experience. Choosing electric shaver bring effectiveness with the fastest features, in pocket-friendly prices.

So to save time, energy with the best of shaving experience and comfort, you should choose the right kind of electric shaver. The best electric shaver will bring cost-efficient and convenient shaving effects.

Best Care for sensitive skin

The skin which is more prone to excessive heat and cold becomes dry, flaking, have the problems of irritation and touch sensitivity. Sensitive skin needs repeated cares and continual management. Sensitive skin occurs due to any triggers and mismanagement of skin.

You may have other types of skin, but at any time due to pollution or unhealthy living, you may experience sensitive skins.

So, know the signs of sensitive skin and work accordingly, before it’s too late.

1. Signs of Sensitive Skin

  • Skin becomes blotchy
  • Skin is itchy
  • Skin flushes easily
  • Excessive dryness
  • Visible redness
  • Excessive irritation
  • Ordinary skincare products cause disturbance
  • You react to environmental changes and pollutions

2. What are the causes of sensitive skin

Many factors affect sensitive skin. Some are:

  • Using ordinary products for skin
  • Allergies
  • Stress and tiredness
  • Hormonal changes
  • Caffeine and alcohol
  • Common cold cancer leads to health problem
  • Environmental pollution
  • Climate change
  • UV damage
  • Lack of sleep
  • Excessive makeup
  • Medication
  • Poor diet
  • Smoking or vaping

You cannot control health problems, environment and climate change. But you can control many things like taking caffeine, proper sleep.

3. Start caring from home. It’s now or never!

You can follow some ways of taking care at home:

a. Avoid too much coffee and have a good sleep:

Too much coffee will cause you lack of sleep. Avoiding it will naturally boost your skin and make your skin healthier.

b. Avoid using ordinary skincare products:

Natural skincare products may carry harmful ingredients. Stop using it immediately. The toxic ingredients may cause severe damage to the skin.

c. Strengthen your skin, make it healthy:

Sensitive skin is not fit enough. So, to strengthen the condition, proper skincare products must be used along with a healthy daily routine.

d. Clean your face with warm water:

You should clean your face with warm water and always apply moisturizer.

e. Use sunscreen:

Sunburn is harmful to the skin and more harmful is the tan caused due to sun. This damaged skin severely, skin gets irritated easily

f. Protect against pollution:

Environment pollution is a barrier to healthy skin. You have nothing to do with infection but to take precautions. Due to the toxicity, skin problems may occur. The skin may get dry, dull, dehydrated. So you should maintain proper care with a healthy diet.

4. Get rid of sensitive skin at the treatment room:

  • You may follow different ways to get treatment:
  • Avoid extremeness of both hot and cold
  • Keep pressure light
  • You should avoid chemical peels
  • Use icy globes at the end of facial
  • Avoid physical scrub
  • Avoid attachment of brush
  • Don’t over steam, while using steam keep steamer arm away from the skin
  • Cooldown your steamed towels to room temperature when using
  • Balance hydrolipidic barrier and hydrate skin properly

Sensitive skin is very reactive, and it is easily irritated by natural elements like heat, cold, sun etc. You need to be very cautious while getting exposed to these triggering elements. Start caring from home and maintain healthy diets to see the results.

Rotary shaver vs foil shaver

Well, if we classified electric shavers, then they are of two types such as: Foil Shaver & Rotary Shaver
Knowing them both with its features and differences will help you to select the best one.

Foil shaver

These are called so because comprised of foil, a thin metal sheet with punched holes. And such shavers are also inherited with oscillating blades, cutters, etc. If we talk about its usability, then, foil shavers are quite gentle on the skin and precisely good shavers. They Clean shave almost closest to epidermis with smoother experience, yet are quite noisy ones. Foil electric shavers are quite a useful shaving device but still cannot uniformly handle thick hair shaves.

Rotary shaver

These kinds of electric shavers mostly designed with round shaving heads and long handle for a firm grip. Round shaving features enable them to cover more shaving areas with better flexibility. It allows you with significant shaving experience, especially near jawline and chin. Apart from their flexibility, they are quite rough on face, so need careful handling, especially on best electric shaver sensitive skin.

Foil shaver or rotary shaver which is better

Suggesting one type better than another is something an anecdotal base with a personal perspective, not reliable evidence. But still, as I have to review it up, take this phrase with no exception of majority.

I have sensitive epidermis, and often it is challenging to shave, then I found foil electric shaver quite a reliable solution. They are quite convenient and comfortable to use. I personally feel more confident in handling foil shaver as compared to a rotary one.

Herewith opting for foil shaver doesn’t mean my thought about rotary is negative. Maybe you can find rotary one more stable with more comfortable usability. But what makes me use foil shaver is that they never pull hairs with pain.

It is solely your choice to pick a type of electric shaver. But when it comes to sensitivity, I must say use both then compare and decide. I feel and consider foil electric shaver safer and easier choice, as work best on my epidermis. It’s all about personal preferences.

Things to consider when purchasing a sensitive skin shaver

 1. Best types electric shaver

As in the beginning, we have mentioned the classification of electric shavers, yet let us brief it again. What suits you best is always not ideal with a kind of availability. So if you are routine shaver or shaver every other day, then go for foil shavers. However, you are a few days shaver then rotary saving devices are quite significant ones. If you opt for trimming styles, then quality trimmers of shavers with trimming features will suit best.

Whatever kind of shaver you pick, it should hold advanced features, adjustable modes with the full potential of comfort and convenience as prior.

2. Wet & dry usable

If you are the person with impressionable skin, then always follow the wet shaving rules, such as use water, foam, or shaving cream. If you have a normal skin type, then the dry shave option is suitable for a gentle and smoother shaving experience. Always pick the shaver with both features of wet and dry to improve the usability as per requirement. And keep in mind opt for a water-resistant shaver with cordless availability for compact carrying in shower.

If you have sensitive skin, then apart from shaver kit or device, also go for reliable shaving products like cream, foam, gel to avoid skin irritations, etc. These shaving products will add extra moisturization to the skin. And if you choose dry shaving then be careful and gentle while using shaver on the face, to avoid pressure.

3. Mobility capability

Shaving needs the right device, and technique at the same time. Secure handling, less pressure will automatically enable pain-free shaving experience. A corded shaver is quite challenging to move and adjust when in use. On the other hand, cordless is quite advanced with easy and convenient mobility. Cordless is safer and easier to use as compared with corded shaving gadgets. Cordless are easy to carry, quite sturdy and even are water-proof so reduces the change of shaving hassles.

Corded shavers are outdated shaving devices, zero in handling, convenience, and adjustments. However are never out from battery charge, but can offer more stressful corded deals in performance in travel.

4. Power Supply: Batteries, Plug-in Charger & Corded

Well, Electric shavers hold three types of power supply options:

    • Battery Powered- mostly with AA batteries
    • Plug-in Charger-significantly modern and advanced electric shavers.
    • Corded- Less Mobile, With More of Inconvenience.

What is best among all these three kinds is Plug-in Charger ones,  you can charge, make them cordless after full battery and use. Battery powers are quite suitable for traveling, but still, lack behind when the battery is out of order. You can find cheap, quality and decent plug-in chargeable shavers with more advanced features and even free-accessories.

5. High Ergonomics

A handy device should always have ergonomics gripping to make the user feel right with usability. A perfect and balanced design of shaver is prior, to gentle, pleasing, comfortable, and convenient grooming every day. The ideal is light weighted and dexterity models, but some feel right with heavy and bulky electric shavers. This all about your personal choice, what you prefer with mobility and gripping to avoid uneven shaving experience later.

6. Simplicity of cleaning system

Most of the modern electric shavers these days are featured with an all-in-one dock stations for cleaning and charging. Even shavers today are water and corrosion resistant so easy to wash, clean and lubricate.

7. Price Range

Expensive Are Not Always Better Shavers, Make it highlighted the point that buying an expensive electric shaver is not always mean that it holds better performance or functionality. Shaver’s affordable ranges also featured advanced tech specifications, performance, durability, and more. Buying an electric shaver is an investment for several years so think twice, whatsoever you pick should have all features, warranty, guarantee, performance, modes, etc.

8. Ultra sharp blades

Shaving is all about based on quality blades your shavers have, especially when you have sensitive skin. Appropriate shaving blades in shavers will get a quality shaving experience, less pain in pulling and tugging of facial hairs. Less useful blades will offer uneven shaving, shaving bumps, and skin irritations.

9. Replaceable parts availability

Most of the electric shavers today have replaceable and adjustable parts such as blades, combs, foils, rotary heads, etc. The right kind of replacement of spare parts will make them lifesaver shavers when over time usability fails the device. If shavers are available with no extra parts, then you can simply buy them online, whenever required.

10. Number of shaving elements

Unlike floating foil, rotary blades, and other available attachments, shaving elements are crucial for any quality electric shaver. To get a comfortable, convenient, and closest shaving experience, shavers need to have all the required elements as prior. Shaving is nothing less than art, and the right shaving gear makes it worth smooth and eases the task for daily shavers.

For an efficient and effortless shaving experience, even you have impressionable skin, buy a gentle floating foil shaver. Such a technically stable electric shaver with quality shaving elements will help you get off unwanted hairs quickly. In fact, shaving elements with quality performance will lower the risk of cuts, shaving burns, skin itchiness, etc. More the installations of quality blades will offer users easy and no fuss accessibility.

11. Trimming function

Whenever you seek the best electrical shaver, its features and functionality are the major highlights. You can not avoid the shaver, which comes with less sharp or low-quality blades. For smoothest and closest shaving, you need to get an excellent quality trimmer with advanced trimming functions.

Different trimming functions with various secure going settings and modes will provide effortless shave even at edges. You can quickly and easily customize your trimming needs while using a quality electric shaver. Trimming functions are, however, different over sideburns, mustaches, beards, etc., so get a full-fledges trimmer. The advancement in shaving and trimming functions will relatively fetch your style and need at the same time with no hassles.

12. Weight

There is no point in buying an electric shaver that is bulky and lousy. The more the weight of the shaver, the less efficiency you will get. So always select an electrical shaving appliance that is light in weight and compact in size for easy accessibility. For better grip and convenient usability, you should purchase shaving gear that is of optimum weight. In fact, weight crucially affects the portability in travel, especially if you are an everyday shaver.

Heavy shavers, bring less comfort, and the risk of losing grip or getting cuts is even more. Moreover, if you are using the bulky electrical shaver, in a shower or bath, it might slip from your hand. This can lead to any accidental injury or cuts. So it is mandatory, to keep an eye over the shaver’s weight just you keep glace on performance and functions.


We winding the whole of in-depth information about the top-rated electric shaver for Sensitive Skin will make you aware of all hacks, guidelines, best electric shavers, and more of their features. We hope our mentioned details about the best shaving devices, its type, etc. will enlighten you to pick the right kind of shaver.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are electric shavers bad for skin

Answer. Well, not really. If you are using Manual Razors, that might can harm your skin with itchiness, redness, rashes, or more. If you are using Electric Shavers, then the scene of getting skin irritations or cuts is quite less. Even using electric shavers can enable you with effective shaving experience easily with simple options.

2. Is an electric shaver better for sensitive skin

Answer: Everyone has their own type of skin. But the crucial is when it comes to the use of electric shaver for people with sensitive skin. A bit of consciousness is indeed required to avoid rashes and other skin irritations. Electric shavers are perfect for people with impressionable skin type as it lowers the chance of cuts, skin, shaving bumps, nicks are less.

3. Do electric shavers cause skin irritation

Answer: Using an electric shaver needs the right technique and the right kind of shaver to avoid any type of skin irritation. The type of skin also plays an active role in getting affected by the use of the shaver. Most people with sensorial skin face issues over skin such as nicks, shaving bumps, rashes or redness, etc. These are common and can be treated as well.

4. Does electric shaver darken skin

Answer: Not really, but to some context, it depends on the nature of shaving you are handling with. The force applied with an electric shaver on the skin often leads to discoloration of the skin with darker patches on it. Even frequent shaving with an electric shaver can also cause issues related to hyperpigmentation.

5. Why does my electric shaver give me a rash

Answer: Use of dull blades, aggressive shaving nature, especially on sensitive or dry skin, can cause rashes over the skin. It even can lead to shaving bumps, redness, and itching over the skin.

6. Does using an electric shaver cause acne

Answer: Using an electric shaver is quite useful for people with sensitive skin. Manual or traditional blades can promote acne, rashes, burns on the skin surface. The multi-blade shaver is also worst for people with sensorial skin types. Apart from the electric shaver, single-blade shavers is also a reasonable option.

7. Do electric shavers give you spots

Answer: Not really, but still, it depends on the skin type and the kind of electric shaver you are using. The right method for shaving is also essential. If you face issues like redness, patches, itching, or spots, you should not use any chemical-based product on that affected skin.

8. Do electric shavers cause ingrown hairs

Answer: Well, yes. All-electric shavers can cause ingrown hairs but less as they fail to cut hairs from the in-depth root. They are effective shavers but still lack as like traditional blades.