These days, a bald head is a trend among both males and females to give a masculine appearance at first glance. And for this purpose, Picking up the best electric shaver for the head is a quite challenging task.

Still making a considerable search over the internet for a reliable electric shaver for head shaving makes the worth investment. But how to find the best electric shaver for ahead?

Before you make any purchase in a shaving appliance, check all the latest brands and features as well.

Today, we will highlight some of the top electric shavers for a bald head look. Furthermore, our buyer’s guide will definitely help you to get the perfect men’s head shaver.

Let’s explore…..

Comparison of 11 Best electric head shaver

Skull Shaver Platinum PR90 MinutesYesCheck Price
Philips Norelco QC5580/4060 minutesYesCheck Price
Skull Shaver Gold PRO90 MinutesYesCheck Price
Skull Shaver Silver PRO30 minutesYesCheck Price
Skull Shaver Silver Plus30 minutesYesCheck Price
iFTiME Wireless Shaver50 minutesYesCheck Price
Wahl Professional 5-Star Series #7031-30060 minutesYesCheck Price
Remington HC655060 minutesYesCheck Price
VSMOOTH Men 5 in 1 Bald90 MinutesYesCheck Price
Kibiy Electric Shavers60 minutesYesCheck Price
MANGROOMER Ultimate pro45 MinutesYesCheck Price

Can you shave your head with an electric razor?

Of course, using an electric shaver is the right choice as there is no risk of cuts, and skin irritation is not there. These electric razors are quick and fast, delivering simple user efficiency. In fact, using such shaving appliances saves time and effort within the one-time investment.

Even the use of shaving products is not necessary, as wet and dry shaving modes add versatility. The excellent functionality with wire and without wire provides more reliable capability and utility.

In the list of many electric razors, from various brands, picking the best electric shaver for the head is a tricky task. But still whenever you buy the electric shaver, keep many things in consideration like weight, performance, features, etc.

What is the best way to shave your head?

Before you start with head shaving, keep all essential tools and accessories in reach. Keep the first-aid kit ready too. Because if any razor cut or skin irritations hassles the task, it can be dealt with immediately. Decide if you need to opt for dry shaving or wet shaving mode for trimming the head hairs.

Pre-shaving preparations are also important to avoid any kind of skin itching and rashes. Washing the head before and aftershave is quite crucial and recommended as well.

To prevent skin irritations, use a clean and well-lubricated electric razor. The use of shaving cream or foam is best to protect skin sensitivity.

The right and proper technique provide safe and efficient electric shaving. The first step is to start from the peak of the head, then move to the sides.

Keep your razor clean and maintained after every use. This will keep the electric razor lubricated and well functioning.


We have listed here some of the top-notch models of electric shavers for head and face. So, let’s scroll and check with all advanced features and more choosing parameters to pick the best shaving gear.

1. Skull shaver pitbull platinum pr

Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum Pr grabs the top spot on our list. In fact, Pitbull is a considerable brand when you need a quality electric shaver for the closest shave.

This particular pitbull electric razor comes with a 4-head blade that offers the smoothest shaving experience. And precisely, this is the best electric shaver for men’s head and face that inherits two blades.

However, 3-head blade mode gives you the closest shaving even at tight spots and edges like the neck, jawline, etc. This pitbull skull electric shaver offers both wet and dry shave modes that add more shaving convenience.

It enables ipx5 water-resistant technology that gives you more user-efficiency in the shower. Thus this closest electric head shaver is perfect in size that gives a comfortable and secure grip.

It is ideal for 2.2 pounds that is easy to carry, use and travel. The shaver is worth voltage compatibility along with a quick USB charging feature. Moreover, the shaver gives the closest 90 minutes runtime, with excellent accessibility.

Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum PR For best Head shaver


Key Features:

  1. Installed with 4-head shaving blades.
  2. Comes with two stainless-quality blades.
  3. Offer both wet and dry shaving mode.
  4. Water-resistant and rust-resistant.
  5. Gives closest skull shaving off 90 minutes
  6. Features led indicator, 1400mah lithium-ion battery, and quick charging mode.

Why is this top-pick?

This one is a useful closest electric head shaver indeed that is even reliable for the face. It is definitely a recommendable shaving appliance for the safest and closest shaving experience.


  • ✘  Travel shaver for the user with thick hair.


  •   User-efficient.
  •   Effortless, and convenient shaver to offer closest head shaving.
  •   Pocket-friendly.
  •   Can be used with a cord and without a cord.
  • ✓   Light in weight.
  • ✓   Simple to carry while traveling.
  •    Superior performance.

2. Philips norelco headgroom QC5580/40

Philips is a top-notch brand in beauty care appliances, and this is the best head and face shaver. Trusting in this Philips Norelco headroom electric shaver will be worth it advantageous for you.

It is designed with a unique 180-degree rotating head for a perfect shaving experience and haircut. This specific top electric shaver for bald heads gives a maximum of smoothness and finish on the skin surface.

The philips norelco electric shaver for sensitive skin adds more versatility and safety. Moreover, the lightweight of 4 pounds provides you comfortable shaving experience and easy grip.

The shaving device is packed with detachable hair clippers for more reliable performance, within both wet and dry shaving features.

This particular electric shaver for close shave enables 14 length shaving setting ranges in between 0mm-15mm. It gives you 100% washable and easy cleaning efficiency.

The utility with both corded and cordless mode allows easy running of the shaver. And it is equipped with a simple storage pouch that adds more efficiency in travel.


Key Features:

  1. Designed with 180° rotary heads.
  2. Offers 14-length shaving efficiency.
  3. Corded and cordless electric shaver.
  4. Installed with the lithium-ion battery.
  5. Water-proof and rust-proof.
  6. Comes with both wet and dry shaving mode.

Why is this top-pick?

Well, this one definitely a trustable electric shaver that gives reliable work efficiency and performance. It is an ergonomic design that offers you a comfortable and secure grip even when using in the shower. Quality blades, affordable price, and advanced features make it a worth considerable electric razor.


  •   None


  •   Easy to clean and maintain.
  •   Lightweight electric shaver.
  •   Quality blades and rotary head.
  •   Excellent performing shaver.
  •   Easy to carry in travel as comes with storage pouch and detachable attachments.
  •   Ergonomic design with exceptional durability.
  • ✓   Budget-friendly.

3. Skull shaver pitbull gold pro:

Picking up this particular pitbull best electric head shavers will be a rightful choice. It comes with a super flexible 4-head bald, offering quick and closest shaving experience. If you are looking for an electric shaver for sensitive skin, this pitbull gold pro shaver is ideal.

This skull shaver is equipped with 3-head cr-3 blades that gives your smoothest shave with no risk of nicks and cuts. It is a multi-functional electric razor that is useful for the head, face, and neck. Moreover, it is ipx5 100 percent water-resistant, which makes it worth. it is easy to clean and wash.

This top electric shaver for bald heads is user efficient in both corded and cordless ways. The versatility of wet and dry shaving mode with 90-minutes available runtime.

Even the ideal weight 1.6 pounds makes it lightweight shaving gear for head and face that gives easy travel portability.


Key Features:

  1. Pro faster electric shaver for head.
  2. Installed with 4-head rotary blades.
  3. Ipx5 water-proof and rust-proof.
  4. Multi-functional as useful for head, neck, and face.
  5. Wet and dry shaving modes.
  6. 90-minutes cordless efficiency.
  7. Can be used with a cord for better convenience.

Why is this top-pick?

Pitbull electric shaver for sensitive skin is the best yet comes with mixed customer reviewing. It is a multi-useful shaving appliance for the head, neck, and jawline, offering a secure shaving experience.


  • ✘  Battery capacity is not as expected and promised by the brand.


  •   Easy to clean and maintain.
  •   Washable electric shaver.
  •   Lightweight to carry.
  •   Advanced features.
  • ✓   High in performance.
  • ✓   Battery life indicator.

4. Skull shaver pitbull silver pro:

Pitbull is a trustworthy brand serving with the best electric shaver for bald heads offering pro efficiency for the face too. And his specific silver electric shaver for the closest shave can be a reliable choice. That’s becauseIt is installed with two quality blades, and one is useful for the head and another for face shaving.

This pitbull best electric head shaver comes with 4-head blades offering a super quick and flexible shave. It is the multi-purpose shaver for tight spots of the face, neck, and jawline. The water-resistant efficiency adds more utility and cleaning advantage.

This top electric shaver is useful with both wet and dry shaving. The perfection in size and weight of 1.1 pounds gives you easy travel mobility.

It is even a high performing voltage-compatible USB electric shaver, installed with a lithium-ion battery. The cordless 90-minutes runtime provides quick and fast shaving with no fuss and mess.


Key Features:

  1. Installed with 4-head; cr-3 blades.
  2. Water-proof.
  3. Multi-functional for head, neck, face, and jawline.
  4. Can be used with and without the cord 90-minutes runtime after quick charge.
  5. Wet and dry electric shaver for the head.

Why is this top-pick?

This pitbull silver pro shaver is a genuine shaving device installed with advanced features and performance. The smooth functionality gives the user more power and convenience to use. It is lightweight to use on travel. Moreover, the corded and cordless efficiency of this 4-head electric shaver gives 90 minutes.


  •   None


  •   Simple to use.
  •   Advanced features.
  •   Pocket-friendly.
  •   Durable in quality.
  •   Excellent performance.

5. Skull shaver pitbull silver plus electric razor:

The blade is super flexible that easily moves on the skin surface with no fuss and effort. It is a multi-directional electric shaver for head and face, within cr3 blades for smoothest and closest shaving.

The ergonomic design of this best electric shaver for men’s head gives a maximum of convenience while handling. As it is both wet and dry shaving gear, so comfortable and secure grip is a significant concern. Moreover, the carver blades of this electric shaver for sensitive skin reduces the risk of cuts and nicks on skin.

This skull pitbull silver plus electric razor inherits ipx5 technology, that makes it water-resistant, and adds the easy cleaning. You can use the best electric shaver for head, neck, and jawline with both corded and cordless ways. The worth of user-efficiency comes with 30-minutes runtime when charged ultimately.

Ideal size and weight give you an advantage to carry and use anywhere you want, even in travel. It weighs about 0.16 ounces and perfectly dimensioned as 3.2 x 2.4 x 3.2 inches.

This electric shaver for closest shave provides more advancement because of easy cleaning and quick charge mode. In fact, the led battery indicator adds more help to know the battery status to avoid hassles during use.


Key Features:

  1. It comes with ultra-flexible pivoting blades.
  2. Move securely in multi-direction.
  3. Durable in quality with innovative design.
  4. Useful with both wet and dry shaving.
  5. Efficient with both wired and wireless modes.
  6. Quick charge, easy cleaning, and led indicator installation.
  7. Water-proof ipx5 electric shaver.

Why is this top-pick?

This particular electric shaver is a quality product yet comes with mixed reviews and issues. Over the mentioned facts of the device, it is technically advanced and high performing electric shaver. If we conclude about its battery efficiency, then you will get 30-minutes after 2 hours complete charging. The brand needs to work over the battery status for more cordless utility.


  •   Battery struggle is a significant drawback.


  •   Easy to use.
  •   Simple to clean and maintain.
  •   Pocket-friendly.
  •   Advanced and innovative.
  •   Reliable performance.
  •   Perfect to carry in travel.

6. Wireless rechargeable electric shaver:

In the list of top electric shavers for bald heads, this shaving device is entirely worth a one-time investment.

The electric razor is advanced with features and innovative in design that gives no hassles and fuss while shaving. Moreover, the uniqueness and multi-functionality gives a chance for face shaving to maintain the look.

This particular shaving appliance gives the closest and smoothest of work efficiency. You can use this electric shaving device with a cord and without cord, after a complete charge. The installation of wet and dry shaving features gives more versatility.

If you need an electric shaver for sensitive skin, then it is a trustable product to go with. The electric shaver comes with water-resistant efficiency due to quality blades with a secure grip.

Its 4d three-dimensional floating head enables 50% of the area at a single-use that offers quick and convenient shaving. Moreover, the non-slippery handling with ergonomic design provides more safety, even in the shower.

The quick usb charging, with the micro interface, gives charging efficiency in travel, with phone adaptor, car adaptor, and other smart devices. The compact size and lightweight give the user more comfortable.


Key Features:

  1. Wet and dry electric shaver.
  2. It can be used with and without cord.
  3. Packed with a facial cleansing brush, beard trimmer, usb charger.
  4. Installed with 4d-3 dimensional floating cutter heads.
  5. Ipx7 water-proof electric shaver with safe, non-slippery grip.
  6. Smart device compatible usb charging with the micro interface.

Why is this top-pick?

This electric shaver inherits with merits and demerits, but still a worth reliable option for closest shaving experience. It is even the right choice for the head, face, and neck. However, reviewing impacted people faced razor burns after the use, which makes it less preferable for sensitive skin users. It lies within budget with advanced features, but battery issue is also negatively impacting.


  •   Battery shredding fails its performance.


    •   Quick charging and efficient interface.
    •   User-friendly.
    •   Advanced yet simple.
    •   Affordable price.
    •   9 ounces, lightweight, convenient electric shaver.

7. Wahl professional 5-star series:

It’s never frustrating to rely upon wahl professional 5-star series electric shaver like this. If you are urged by a pro-style closest electric head shaver, then this commercial shaving appliance is the right choice for you. The installation of bonus close foil tells about the brands’ high-tech engineering.

This particular electric shaver is innovative in features that deliver top-notch functionality. It is useful with both corded and cordless modes, offering 60-minutes runtime after a complete charge. The shaver comes with hypoallergenic gold foil, which makes this electric shaver for sensitive skin useful choice.

This one can be safe choice as men’s electric razor for seniors. That’s because it reduces the risk of razor bumps, skin irritations as well.

It is somewhat packed with all purposeful accessories for full-fledged grooming. It includes foil guard, charging plug, cleaning brush, and bonus silver close foil with manual and warranty card.

This best electric shaver for men’s head is perfectly dimensioned as 4.6″ long and weighs 5.8 ounces, making it worth it. It is lightweight. So you can easily carry and use it in traveling. The quality rotary motor, foil cutter bar, and ergonomic design add versatility with excellent performance.


Key Features:

  1. Professionally engineered electric shaver with bonus close foil.
  2. Multi-functional and stylish offering reliable performance.
  3. Can be used with wire and without too, with 60-minutes runtime.
  4. Rotary motor and hypoallergenic gold foil.
  5. Ideal for seniors and sensitive skin users.
  6. Water-resistant and rust-proof.

Why is this top-pick?

This is one of the significant electric shavers for bald head and neck that comes with ultimate grooming accessories. You won’t feel your money wasted as no manufacturing defaults are seen over this shaving product. Moreover, the advanced cutters and foils with high performance add charm to the shaving experience. It is a trustable electric razor for the people with sensitive skin and seniors too.


  •   None of the manufacturing defaults are there.


  •   User-efficient.
  •   Top-notch performance.
  •   Ultimate grooming and finishing tool.
  •   Lies within budget.
  •   Useful for head, neck, and jawline.
  •   Simple to clean and safe to use.

8. Remington HC6550 cordless vacuum haircut kit:

Well, buying the closest electric shaver for head, neck, and jawline is more challenging for those who need self tasking. The pro grooming appliances, however, can often complex the shaving task. To end that confusion, this remington hc6550 vacuum electric shaver is an excellent choice.

This electric shaver for head comes with other useful accessories of 18-pieces for easy customization of trimming hairs. The installation of titanium-coated blades gives you safe edge-edge shaving of hairs with no risk of cuts and razor burns. Moreover, the ease of length adjusting and tapering combs adds multi-functionality within the smoothest and closest shave.

Precise installation of 2 aa lithium-ion battery, provides cordless 60-minutes runtime after 4 hours complete charge. The operational xxl vacuum bin with cord also ensures comfortable shaving and styling of hairs.

The perfection of performance with easy clean efficiency makes it a more convenient electric shaver. Moreover, the size 25.2 x 17.8 x 6.4 cm and weight 726 g offers easy to use and mobility.


Key Features:

  1. It comes with titanium coated blades and xxl vacuum bin technology.
  2. Inherits 18-pieces kit with tapering combs, scissors, blade oil, etc.
  3. 2 aa batteries make it worth-powerful electric shavers.
  4. Takes 4 hours to be fully charged for 60-minutes useful runtime.
  5. Include travel pouch for more simple storage and carry purpose.
  6. A wet and dry electric razor.
  7. It can be used with and without cord.
  8. Water and rust resistant shaver.

Why is this top-pick?

A perfect choice for haircut and styling of beards as packed with 18-pieces grooming kit accessories. It is a shaving appliance that is technically advanced and smart with features. The efficiency comes with performance and durability due to the quality of manufacturing materials. However, it is a simplified head shaver with multi-purpose functionality to groom faces as well.


  •   None


  •   Simple to use.
  •   Quick to charge.
  •   Easy to clean and maintain.
  •   Great performance.
  •   Ideal in size and weight.
  •   Full-fledged haircut kit with 18-pieces attachments.
  •   Budget friendly.

9. Electric razor for men 5 in 1 bald:

This vsmooth men’s electric razor for seniors is a high-tech shaving device that comes with five detachable heads. It is a multi-useful shaver that enables the trimming of hairs from the head, neck, ear, nose, and jawline. Thus, it is a full-fledged facial care shaving appliance.

The ergonomic design offers smoothness and closest shaving experience with no risk of cuts and nicks. More precise handling comes with a non-slippery grip even in the shower. The performance versatility with reliable performance and advanced features adds more convenience.

This electric shaver for closest shave installed with flexible blades that give ease and effortless shaving. It is even a perfect shaving gear for people with sensitive skin. The 3-guide comb attachments add closer shave within fewer strokes only.

The electric shaver offers both wet and dry shaving settings and even use with and without cord. Ideal measurement and perfect 1.3 pounds weight give easy to use and travel efficiency. The quick charge of 120 minutes delivers 90-minutes non-stop runtime.


Key Features:

  1. Versatility in functions because of 5 detachable attachments.
  2. Packed with ear, nose, head 3-guide combs.
  3. It offers both wet and dry shaving features.
  4. It can be used with wire and without wire.
  5. Led display helps in knowing the battery status.
  6. Cordless-90 minutes of work efficiency.
  7. Facial cleansing brush and face sponge are also available inside the kit.

Why is this top-pick?

The addition of this particular shaver gives more versatility in performance and features. This is still a useful electric shaver for closest shave with no risk of cuts and burns. It is a reliable choice, offering excellent run time and user-efficiency.


  •   Not reliable shaving experience like foil shaver delivers.


  •   Easy to use
  •   Simple to clean and maintain.
  •   High performance.
  •   Quality blades, advanced features.
  • ✓   Water-resistant.
  •   Budget-friendly.
  •   Ergonomic design.
  •   Compact and a lightweight electric razor.

10. Kibiy electric shavers:

Kibiy offers a quality electric shaver, which is super flexible as inherits 5d rotary blades. The sharpness of blades not only passes the closest shave but adds more smoothest shaving experience. Apart from head shaving, it can even be used for the neck and face.

This is a 4-in-1 electric shaver that comes with an entire trimming kit and accessories. The use of detachable accessories adds versatility to the functions of the electric shaver, as a multi-purpose utility. Moreover, the addition of cleaning brush and lubricating oil for blades enables you easy maintenance.

It is a wet and dry shaver that enables user-efficiency at maximum, even in the shower with shaving products. The reliable design of this electric razor gives you more comfortable shaving and convenient grip making shave effortless tasks. Water-resistant efficiency gives perfect performance while shaving.

The usb charging adds more operational themes for comfort shaving of 60-minutes. This kibiy electric shaver can be used in both corded and cordless ways, with optimum noise reduction technology. In addition to it, the perfect size and weight give easy travel usability within an led indicator for current battery status.


Key Features:

  1. Flexible 5d precision shaver.
  2. 4-in-1 electric shaver with complete trimming sets.
  3. Useful as installed with wet and dry shaving modes.
  4. Cordless and corded electric shaver with 60 minutes runtime.
  5. Noise reduction technology and led battery indicator.
  6. 100% water-proof shaver with easy cleaning.

Why is this top-pick?

Buying the kibiy electric shaver for bald heads makes a worth one-time investment for other trimming purposes. The high performance within the inheritance of advanced features gives more accessibility. It is easy to wash and maintain because of water-resistant quality. To pick this shaving gear for everyday shaving routine is a rightful choice.


  •   None


  •   Quick to charge and use.
  •   Travel efficiently.
  •   Budget-friendly.
  •   Super flexible hair shaver.
  •   Multi-functional.
  •   Easy to clean, wash, and maintain.

11. Mangroomer- ultimate pro-self-haircut kit:

This is a reliable electric shaver for the bald head which is also useful for the face, neck, jawline. It is really a pro styler trimmer offering versatile functionality to you within great comfort. The advancement of features ensures excellent performance.

The best electric head shaver for men is a considerable ergonomic design with a perfect non-slippery grip. You can easily shave your head, neckline, sideburns, ears with no skin itchiness, and risk of razor burns. In addition to this optimum size, 5.2 x 4 x 8.2 inches and a weight of 1 pound add excellent efficiency.

It is all fledged with 9-length detachable combs that give ultimate grooming and styling. The maximum storage and travel come with a travel pouch. Moreover, the hypoallergenic blade enables sharpening provides ease and a safe shaving experience. The installation of a lithium-max battery gives fast charging and quick shaving. You can easily shuffle from corded and cordless ways, with any wet or dry shaving mode.


Key Features:

  1. Perfect man groomer to cut and style hairs.
  2. Ergonomic design with a non-slippery grip.
  3. User-efficient 9 length guide combs add more convenience with a travel pouch
  4. Hypoallergenic self-sharpening blades ensure safety as prior.
  5. Lithium max battery makes it a high performing electric shaver.
  6. Compatible with universal voltage.
  7. It can be used with cord and cordless.
  8. Washable as water-resistant.
  9. Wet and dry shaver.

Why is this top-pick?

In the list of the best electric shaver for men’s heads, this is an absolute choice that comes with innovative features for delivering quality performance. This comes with a secure non-slippery grip that gives safe handling even in the shower. The efficiency of compact size and weight makes this electric razor comfortable shaving gear even in travel. More advancement comes with simple cleaning regulations, bringing the durability of the shaver.


  •   None


  •   Simple to use and clean.
  •   Quick charge, and speedy shave.
  •   A complete grooming kit, with detachable length and storage pouch, is available.
  •   Lightweight and compact size.
  •   Secure grip even in the shower.
  •   Lies within budget.
  •   Multi-functional and high performance.


Buyer’s Guide- best electric shaver for head

Now, comes to crucial facts. To get the best electric shaver for head, you have to consider several facts. And the facts are:

1. Corded Or Battery Power:

Generally, today’s electric shavers are equipped with both corded and cordless work efficiency, offering a more convenient shaving experience. Pick up a shaver with one utility setting.

Both kinds of electric razors inherit their own advantages and demerits. But in case of carrying and usability, without cord is good to go. and when out of battery, with cord work-accessibility is reliable indeed.

2. Weight:

Well, the size and weight of the shaving appliance add more convenient and comfortable shaving experiences. The lightweight electric shaver within compact size never limits mobility and usability even in travel.

To shave every day with a bulky electric razor is impossible as it creates more effort and hassles to handle perfectly.

3. Ergonomic Hand :

The design of an electric shaver, with a non-slippery grip, gives excellent handling with great comfort and safety. The ergonomic hand never makes the user feel tired while shaving and lowers the risk of accident cuts while shaving.

Moreover, ideal handling, even in the shower or while using shaving creams, is also ensuring maximum safety.

4. Cutting Level:

There is no use in buying an electric razor that is blunt or does not have quality shaving heads. The cutting level plays an essential role prior to having the shaving appliance.

However, today, most of the shaving appliance brands are installing self-sharpening blades. Thus adding super flexibility and automatically adjusting efficiency with the shape of skin surface even at tight spots.

5. Waterproof:

The water-resistant quality of any electric shaver adds easy cleaning and maintaining aspects as well. If your electric razor is water-proof and rust-resistant, you can wash it after a single use to maintain the perfect hygiene.

And this will lower the risk of skin itchiness and irritations in the next use. Water-proof accessibility of the shaver also gives wet shaving performance while in the shower.

6. Wet-Dry Shaving Mode:

This brings excellent versatility in electric razors to easily shift on any kind of mode according to personalized needs.

7. Price:

Investing in electric shaver is significant, and a one-time investment needs to be done thoughtfully. There is no use of buying an expensive shaver, with no advanced features and quality performance.

Keep your electric razor choice pocket-efficient, so always compare the brands and series to get the best electric shaver for head.

8. Other Aspects:

Keep an eye on performance, features, additional accessories, manual and warranty card as essential parameters for maximum benefit.


Making a wise choice while picking the best electric shaver for head is a must. But you know choosing a reliable, innovative, and the advanced electric razor is quite a challenging yet not impossible task.

We hope our detailed review of the top electric shavers for bald heads has helped you.

If not, our buyer’s guide will also give a precise idea. So before purchasing, look at those points in the shaving appliance. It is indeed important to check out the latest shaving appliance and buy according to your personalized utility.