Sometimes dead skin cells, oil, and other microorganisms, including bacteria, become clogged within the pores of your skin surface; whiteheads occur. It is a kind of acne. Whiteheads after shaving can be very irritating, and they make your skin look bad, appearing at any time. But one of the good news is that it is effortless to prevent your whiteheads.

We can say whiteheads as the side effect of shaving. It may seem to you that it is evident for your skin type to have whiteheads after shaving all the time, but it’s not like that. You can prevent them if you want. You always want to have a smooth, comfortable shave and, most importantly, smoother skin after shaving, but the last thing you still do not wish for is razor bumps and whiteheads.

Before knowing how to prevent whiteheads, you should have a clear idea about them and the reason behind them. We will tell you about your post-shave pimple prevention plan; in the first place, it is essential to understand why does it occur. When you drag a razor on your skin, you increase the risk of skin irritation and razor bumps. This irritation consequently can turn to pimples and whiteheads; if you follow an improper shaving technique, you may experience red bumps as well. Shaving in the wrong direction, shaving dry and without proper lubrication, using old or blunt razors, or using unsuitable blades may cost whiteheads. You can prevent them easily by following some ways. No need to be tensed; just do your things properly and maintain a healthy routine.

Causes of whiteheads after shaving

Whiteheads are a natural phenomenon and can occur to any person who shaves. If you are experiencing any bump-like white things, you are likely to experience whiteheads.

Whiteheads may cause three things:

  • tenderness
  • itchiness
  • small white bumps

You can have these symptoms anywhere you shave, for example, your face, legs, underarms, or in the private parts. Whiteheads are not permanent and will disappear with time. If you have these symptoms and you experience discomfort, there are things you can follow to find comfort and ease. Follow this article to learn how to prevent whiteheads from occurring in the future.

The cause of whiteheads breakout can be many. One of the causes of its outbreak is that pores get trapped by oils and other microorganisms. Several reasons can be there for pores getting blocked. One of the reasons may be skin type. The other reasons are hormonal changes. Production of sebum, or oil increases at some stage of your life due to hormones, which may result in whiteheads. The increased sebum blocks or traps the pores causing difficulty to the skin and creates adverse conditions. These situations may increase in the time of puberty, menstruation, pregnancy.

Some of the more causes of outbreaking whiteheads are as follows:

1. Using dull, unsuitable blades

You should replace your razor following a perfect routine. The edges will be blunt quickly, and you will experience a poor, non-smooth shave with ingrown hairs remaining. The ingrown hairs can create adverse conditions for your skin.

2. Too lazy to shower before shaving

A warm shower helps open your trapped pores and provides you with a close, smooth shave. When you do not allow the specks of dirt to get off your skin, it will cause trouble.

3. Using Bar Soap on your face

Bar soap makes your face dry. So you need to use a facial cleanser that has all the formulas to enrich your skin. When you are using bar soaps, it increases the possibility of causing irritations to your skin.

4. Not following the right technique for shaving

You shave opposite to your hair growth; this is a significant threat to cause irritations and, consequently, bumps, increasing the chances of whiteheads.

Are They Ingrown Hairs or Razor Bumps?

Getting ingrown hairs or razor bumps. The shaving experience.

Are they ingrown hairs or razor bumps? It’s sometimes difficult to tell the difference between ingrown hair and a razor bump, particularly if you shave regularly. Both can cause inflammation, redness, burning sensation, and even pain.

A closer look at each condition may help to identify them more easily.

Lightly Exfoliate First

Gentlyetting rid of dead skin cells not only helps get a closer shave exfoliate your skin before you shave to remove dead skin cells and make it easier for the hair to exit the follicle. The tender, sensitive area of your face is not accustomed to regular shaving; gently exfoliating before can help prevent ingrown hairs after shaving.

How to prevent whiteheads after shaving

Change your routine and invest some time in skincare from today. If you can follow some easy steps, you will be able to prevent the whiteheads. You always do not need to visit a physician; instead, you can be your health specialist. Be bold and take your decisions wisely. Abide by the steps and see the results soon.

1. Make a proper routine and take care of your skin

Take care of your skin and provide adequate nourishment. You may have different skin types. Understand your skin type and which products suit your skin and follow a proper, healthy diet as well. Keep your skin clean, exfoliate, and moisturize with quality products. You can experience an excellent close shave, reducing the irritations with no razor burns or whiteheads. Choose skincare products that are free of fragrances and artificial chemicals and colors to achieve the best result.

2. Choose the Right tools

When you are thinking of preventing whiteheads, you must be wise while shaving. You can use an electric razor that shaves as close as a blade to discard all the chances of causing irritations. Another right decision will be to reduce shavings, shave less. Sometimes try that rockstar look, it can suit you as well. Always seek alternatives to minimize irritations, and this will work for you.

3. Change Blades when it is old

Replace your blades; you might have used your blades way too much. It harms your skin. So spend on replacing blades, if you want to save money for visiting physicians. You can buy new blades online as well.

4. Wash Your Razor Properly

Wash your razors after a few strokes and remove the debris, you can have a clean shave, and it will minimize the risks of threats. After finishing shaving, wash the blades with hot water and make them free from all the harmful microorganisms.

5. Use Pre-Shave Oil

To have a perfect shave, you need some preparations like using pre-shave oil. It makes it easy to have a comfortable shave. But before choosing the oil, be very careful. Check the quality of the product and the ingredients used. You will have a smooth way of gliding your razor; it will be as easy as it can get.

6. Apply shaving cream if pre-shave oil doesn’t suit your skin

You can slide your razor comfortably when you apply the best shaving cream to your sensitive skin. It also reduces the chances of nicks and cuts and also irritations. Fewer irritations help you avoid whiteheads and pimples. Pre-shave oils and shaving creams have the same goal of making your skin softer and more comfortable to shave.

7. Moisturize after shaving:

Remember to moisturize your skin after shaving. You can use an aftershave or a moisturizer; it should include the right, healthy ingredients. Hydrating skin is a vital thing for you to prevent irritations. Do not forget to choose a product containing a non-irritating dose of salicylic acid; it helps to avoid breakouts of the pimple, including whiteheads. Be wise while choosing because you will need hydrating ingredients and always avoid products containing alcohol, scented, and paraben products. And all your products should make your skin soothing and refreshing.


Whiteheads are a common thing. The pimples, whiteheads all are the results of irritation. Some can think that it is the side effect of shaving. It may seem to you that it is occurring for your skin type, to some extent it can be correct, but mostly because of the missteps and misadjustments to your routine are the reasons.

You can easily prevent whiteheads by following a healthy routine. Whiteheads occur when skincare products irritate your skin. So be wise while choosing your products. Buy natural products that do not contain harmful chemicals. Lubricate your skin before shaving. Take the right preventive measures so that bacteria or other microorganisms cannot trap the pores of your skin.

Make a proper routine, and do not be too lazy to clean your face regularly, especially before shaving. Use new products, new blades, and healthy, natural ingredient products. If pimples and whiteheads outbreak, do not be too tense, instead follow all these steps to have a positive result.

FAQs about whiteheads after shaving

1. How can I prevent whiteheads after shaving?

Answer: There are plenty of ways of preventing whiteheads after shaving. Some of the techniques include taking care of your skin regularly, making a proper routine. Change your blades frequently, rinse your razors properly. Wash the razors with hot water. Apply an adequate amount of lubricants and ensure the ingredients to be organic and chemical-free. Remember to moisturize your skin after shaving.

2. Is the difference between whiteheads and blackheads only color?

Answer: Whiteheads and blackheads occur when the dead skin cells, oil, and other microorganisms, including bacteria, become clogged within the pores of your skin surface. Both are kind of acne in different colors. One of the differences between them is blackheads are open, and whiteheads are closed pores of white color.

3. Why do I get white spots after shaving?

Answer: We can say white spots sometimes as the side effect of shaving. Shaving in the wrong direction, shaving dry and without proper lubrication, using old or blunt razors, or using unsuitable blades may cost white spots after shaving. The leading cause of developing these white spots is the irritations caused on the skin. If you can minimize the irritations, you can get rid of the white spots quickly.

4. Why do we need to moisturize skin after shaving to avoid whiteheads?

Answer: Moisturizing skin is a vital thing for you to prevent irritations. You can use an aftershave or a moisturizer; it should include organic, healthy ingredients. You should choose a product containing a non-irritating dose of salicylic acid; it helps to avoid breakouts of the pimple, including whiteheads. Always choose products that are non-alcoholic, non-scented, and paraben-free. All these can make your skin soothing and refreshing and whiteheads free.

5. What are the causes of whiteheads after shaving?

Answer: The causes of whiteheads can be many. One of the reasons can be skin type. The other reasons are hormonal changes. If you are too lazy to have a shower or clean your face regularly, it may outbreak on your skin. The other causes may include not following the right shaving techniques.


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