Shaving your legs with sensitive skin can be a tricky process. If you want silky smooth, irritation-free legs, then you’ll need to follow a few shaving tips that will help you achieve the perfect shave. Whether you use shaving cream, a shaving balm, or shaving oil, proper preparation is the key to avoiding razor burn and ingrown hairs.

You’ll also need the right shaving technique and post-shave care to get smooth, soft skin. With the right shaving tips for sensitive skin, shaving your legs can be a less stressful and more enjoyable experience. Follow these shaving tips to get the perfect shave every time.

How to shave sensitive skin legs

It would be best if you learned about some pre-shaving tips before starting the process. These pre-shaving dos will make the foundation of shaving.

1. Pre-Shaving Tips

A. Take a Fresh Shower

Sensitive skin is mostly dry, and you need to wet your skin correctly. A proper shower can help you in this regard. The combination of water and steam opens the hair follicles. As a result, the coarse hairs become softened. This is the primary step to prepare your leg skin ready for shaving.

    • Wet your body with lukewarm water
    • Use shampoo and regular hair conditioner to complete the shower
    • Take a shower at least for 15 minutes
    • Do not shower for more than 15 minutes as it will make wrinkles on your skin
    • Do not use hot water for the shower as it will make your skin hard to shave

B. Exfoliate your leg skin

Exfoliating leg skin means washing or rubbing leg skin by any exfoliator. It is a process of removing dead cells from the skin and, also preventing ingrown hairs. If you do not remove dead cells, your razor blade will be clogged and blunted during the shave.

    • Pick a soft exfoliator with natural ingredients
    • Rub your leg skin gently
    • Exfoliate with derma flannel or cotton flannel
    • Do not use scrubs that contain nut kernels

C. Make the right amount of lather

Shaving foams, and gels form a lather. Shaving foams are not suitable for your sensitive skin. Purchase a shaving gel which is SLS-free and contains natural ingredients.

    • Wash out the exfoliator
    • Apply a good amount of shaving gel or cream into the skin
    • Massage the intended area until lather is formed

2. During-Shaving Tips

We hope you have noted down the above-stated tips in mind. Now, this is the most crucial stage. You will have to play a vital role with much care and caution. Check out the processes in the following:

A. Have a Clean Shave

You need to stay aware of every second of shaving. If not, you will get razor burn, nicks and cuts. That will cause irritation in the skin, and you do not want it. A good shave always prevents ingrown hairs from developing. As you have sensitive skin, some things are prohibited during shaving.

    • Grab the razor and go toward the direction of the hair. In your case, knee to ankle
    • Going against the grain gives a smooth and closer shave, but that is not recommended for your sensitive skin legs.
    • Shave each area once, not multiple times to avoid redness and irritation.
    • Do not be so quick, slowly shave the surface of your legs with patience

B. Towel-dry the Shaved Area

After finishing shaving your legs, it is time to dry the shaved place.

    • Simply rinse off your skin with water
    • Take a soft clean towel and do gentle pats by the hands
    • Do not rub the towel, it may cause irritation also

3. Post-shaving Tips

A beautiful finishing will make your shaving effort fruitful. Check out the post-shaving tips in the following:

A. Bring Moisture Back

The finishing touch in terms of shaving is, moisturizing the area with a good moisturizer. Sensitive skin becomes dehydrated due to operating razors. It badly needs moisture then. So, it is evident to hydrate the shaved skin by bringing the moisture back.

    • Take out a good amount of moisturizer in your hand and rub it with your palms.
    • Massage the moisturizer using light circular movements by the hands

B. Keep in Mind

    • You must choose a moisturizer for your sensitive, dry skin which is rich and more nourishing
    • A moisturizer containing evening primrose is good for the skin, reduces inflammation.
    • Avoid any moisturizer that contains alcohol. Alcohol dries the sensitive skin and stings. And young cells in the shaved skin is more prone to irritation because of alcohol
    • Instead go for products containing natural ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, almond oil, olive oil, jojoba oil which are also natural disinfectants.

C. Shaving Cream Alternatives for You

Sometimes you may run out of shaving creams or gels, or you are on a trip and have no shaving cream with you. In that situation, you may find some home remedies near your hand. These can be good alternatives to shaving cream.

    • Hair Conditioner
    • Baby oil
    • Raw honey
    • Body lotion
    • Coconut oil
    • Shea butter
    • Aloe vera gel

D. In Case You Get Skin Irritation

You may get skin irritation and other issues due to shaving. If that happens, you may either consult with a dermatologist or take any initiative on your own. If your sensitive skin gets itchy, then you may apply a warm compress of 1% hydrocortisone cream 2-3 times a day. There are few other home solutions as well.

    • Wheat germ
    • Yeast extract
    • Vitamin E
    • Soybean oil
    • Shea butter
    • Jojoba oil
    • Evening primrose oil
    • Silicones

4. Special Remarks

    • Try to shave at night rather than in the morning which will make your legs smooth
    • Shaving legs daily is okay for normal skin, but not recommended for sensitive skin
    • You can go for oil or oil-based sugar scrub before shaving to lubricate the skin
    • Do not use bar soap because it creates less lubrication
    • Never have a dry shave that means without any water, shaving cream, exfoliator
    • Choose a razor with built-in hydration and moisture indicator strips
    • Use a razor with single blades for sensitive skin legs
    • You may choose a razor with 4-5 blades, but you will have to shave more cautiously
    • Change blades of your razor often enough. It may after every 2 weeks
    • Change your disposable razor after 5-10 shaves
    • Do not keep your razor in the shower. Keep it out of the bathroom to keep it dry, sharp, and rust-free
    • It is better to trim if the hair you want to shave is more than a few mm


Shaving your legs with sensitive skin doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. With the right shaving technique, shaving cream or oil, and post-shave care, you can achieve the perfect shave and look forward to smooth, soft legs. Following these shaving tips for sensitive skin will help you enjoy a less stressful shaving experience and get the perfect shave every time.