Modern generation youngsters are very fond of featuring stylish appeal almost everywhere. And grooming kits are becoming part & parcel of everyday lifestyle.

But the list remains incomplete without electric razors for men. As it happens, the demand for electric shaver-trimmer devices keeps increasing with time.

Not many products can maintain a subtle balance between investment & service. However, you should try the standard 5018S from Braun’s popular Series 5 lineup.

Knowing a detailed Braun Series 5 5018S review can unveil everything on its purchase. Stick with our well-arranged discussion to explore the convenient option.

Product Description

Braun Series 5 5018s electric shaver isn’t exactly an all-in-one unit. But its features in a supportive combo are sure to leave an everlasting impression.

Exclusive German engineering comes ready to withstand the rigors of your day-to-day application. Absolute full-proof structure stands intact from the inside to allow dry & wet uses.

Reasonably lightweight, compact, precise details help with its effortless handling. Exterior surface enables a soft yet steady grip to initiate one-way cutting movements.

Meanwhile, a long-lasting Li-ion battery provides satisfactory running time on a full charge. There come three flexible blade combos to immediately adapt the facial contours.


Key Features

  • Stainless steel framework with a foiled head.
  • Integration of a supportive EasyClean system.
  • Full resistance to water intrusion from inside.
  • Precision trimmer attachment for the pack.
  • Exact Li-ion battery to hold charges for long.
  • Exclusive surface details to leave no leakage.

Build Quality & Ergonomics

The intended 5018S weighs a mere 0.63 pounds in total. Almost no weight initiates a great difference for the unit. The glossy finish imparts definite value to the matte plastic outlook.

Dimpled rubber insert covers the back as well the sides. It explicitly maintains a sculpted profile for the handle. Incredible comfort prevails with a soft yet steady grip on its every operating session.

Even the thumb rest to feature the power button features rubberized construction. Not to mention, the button itself also serves as its travel-lock function for secure wet applications.

Getting down towards the bottom integrates the fundamental LED display. It holds multiple information like charging status, travel lock, battery level with cleanup & replacement reminder.

The head consists of three individual foils without Braun series 5 5018s attachments. Two exterior blades take out the hair at skin level. Meanwhile, the mid-foil captures to cut down the flat-lying hairs.


Included Accessories

Its purchase comes with four different units in the package. You’ll have the primary closest electric shaver to feature the battery.

And it integrates a luxurious black body with blue lining on the sides. Then, you’re to use the smart plug for charging the battery on demand.

Check precision trimmer attachment for sizing the hair to a certain size. And utilize the cleaning brush to wipe the loose hair from its head.

Cleaning & Maintenance

No automation requires manual maintenance for Braun shaver series 5018s. Its exclusive EasyClean skips cassette removal for a watery cleanup.

But simple water steam pressure may not remove all the hairs at once. You’re to pick the sticky hair out from the cutter using fingers.

Using slight soapy water can effectively remove the majority of the loosened hair. However, you don’t have to stick with soaps every time after its use.

The brush is strictly used for the cassette interior, not the foils. But try to clean the head with minimal contact, reducing the chances of blade damage.

Replacement Parts Availability

Braun Series 5 5018s replacement parts only lie on one part. Separate purchase is only available for the Braun series 5 5018s replacement head. But other parts aren’t in the market for individual service. A new shaving called 53b is currently available online for its extended use.



  •   No releasing button.
  •   Cost-cutting moves.
  •   Limited trim options.


  •   Simple cutout maintenance.
  •   Absolute handling comfort.
  •   Glossy exterior surface finish.
  •   Minimal restriction on uses.
  •   Protective lining on surfaces.
  •   Supportive built-in LED light.
  •   Available change for cassette.

Braun Series 5 5018S vs Series 3

Debate continues to surge for Series 3 & Series 5 models from Braun. In fact, both share considerable similarities to growing confusion.

Braun Series 3 simply features a shaver instead of a shaver-trimmer combo. There comes no LED display to check certain feature levels.

Likewise, 5018S includes a comprehensive LED to share essential information. Meanwhile, Series 3 integrates a somewhat more powerful battery.

Both models remain available at an expensive price tag, saving additional costs. And the outcome stands satisfactory for definite aspects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Which is better: Braun Series 3 or 5?

Answer: Several upgrades in the design makes Series 5 somewhat better than Series 3. However, it’s important to look into the absolute acceptance in terms of investment.

Q2. What’s the difference between Braun Series 5 and 7?

Answer: Overall cutting performance counts pretty notably good with Series 7, However, Series 5 also provides excellent support in catching the flat-lying facial hairs.

Q3. Is Braun better than Panasonic?

Answer: It’s pretty difficult to judge two different, well-established brands on the same scale. Not to mention, the performance remains almost similar to one another.

Q4. How long will a Braun shaver last?

Answer: Braun shaver is likely to serve you for 18 months. But it concerns multiple factors on the usage. Cleanup, interval, hair types & shaving method requires attention.

Q5. What is the best model Braun electric shaver?

Answer: The absolute best remains difficult to evaluate, coinciding with the budget. Superior functionality primarily prevails for high-quality designs from Series 7 & Series 9.


Wrap Up – Who Should Buy the 5 5018S

5018S isn’t exactly the best product to represent the Braun series 5 electric shaver lineup. Even the outcome seems to fall short of its overall expectation in the range. But the performance counts pretty sufficient to the best razor for young shavers.

However, Braun Series 5 5018S review should explain everything you need on the purchase. Of course, it’s possible to have several alternatives in hand. The fundamental device covers only certain features to collaborate with your simple style requirements.

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