Shaving head among men is quite so common, but the latest in vogue, women also prefer blad looks. Blad’s heads make your appearance look bold and beautiful. Shaving of the head by gender is something related to a personal choice to stand out from the crowd. Apart from being a fashion icon, it is the mark of style and coolness today.

What is quite impressive, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on hair products, seems funny but logical. And even, you need to care about daily hairstyling, again a giggly point but factful. Blad’s heads have their own advantages; it makes you look cool, trendy and also give your features a sharp edge. Shaving has a sense of style that is loved by many now.

People who are facing hair fall as a major issue and never getting an ideal treatment, go for blade head style. And this is just not a bad choice of being stylish. After attempting many sessions in curing hair fall, with zero benefits comes the trouble-free solution as Blade Head.

If you are the one looking for a significant solution to go with blade head, for style or solution, let us help you by reviewing something advanced. Among the array of best head shaver for bald head to pick right is not easy as it seems to be. Many hair care and beauty care companies have launched their advanced blade head shavers. Here below we are helping you with a significant Skull shaver pitbull gold pro: by Pitbull head rotary shaver with all its unique features and aspects that make it stand out from the others.

Electric head shaver pitbull review

Whether you are facing a hair fall issue or want to look like some style celebrity, Pitbull head rotary shaver is a thoughtful blade head shaver. Apart from available multiple blad electric shavers, this specific is a trusty shaving device for the head. It is designed precisely for head shaving, offers excellent usability, and reliability. The Pitbull gold shaver is an advanced, and influential head shaver with all current features that are solid, useful, handy & best electric shaver sensitive skin.


The skull shaver pitbull gold not only provides a clean shave electric razor but is a multi-blade shaver with 5 rotary blades & a USB rechargeable rotary shaver. It offers a user-friendly and hassle-free shaving experience in both dry and wet skulls. What are its more unique specifications let’s scroll and check!

Key Features pitbull skull shaver

1. Flexible Shaving Head

The shaver is designed in a unique way that is supportive and easily functional with the shape of the head. It is easily movable and adjustable over the head curves with enough flexibility. With its easy rotary shaving feature, it offers smoother shaves closest to skull skin. Pitbull gold electric shaver has beveled blades that give a smoother shave with less sloping over the edges.

2. Ergonomic And Comfortable Grip

The shaving device is handy, and it is so undeniable that such shavers and razors should have a comfortable grip. A well-designed gripped handling makes this skull shaver Pitbull gold unique while in use. Its ergonomic grip offers efficient handly of the device and makes its usability more accessible and flexible. Such easy handling of the shaver will enable you to get different types of shaving effects in a smoother way.

3. Head Shaver With Rotary Cutters

The shaver features 5 rotary cutter blades that give smoother shaving as closest to the skin surface. These all rotating blades are highly flexible, and adjustable according to the shape of the skull. These rotary cutters work and cut off the hairs from any direction quickly and easily.

Pitbull skull shaver gold works personalized shaving and cuts the hairs safely. The use of this specific shaver cause no skull head irritation so is user-friendly.


4. Covers More Cutting And Shaving Area

Pitbull skull shaver gold features with 5 rotary blades, which obviously means, it covers a massive increased area over the skull. Earlier the company launched its shaving device with less of rotary blades.

This new generation head shaver by Pitbull head rotary shaver holds more advanced features and components. It is specifically designed for head shaving, which is more impressive than other facial razors and shavers. It covers more area over the skin which significantly saves time and energy, with a great experience.

5. Water Resistant Technology

The Pitbull skull shaver gold is waterproof, but still can’t be submerged deep inside the water. However, you can use it while taking a shower with shaving cream. Though, the company does not recommend the use of shaving gel, as it can clog the shaver’s components.

It inherits with a self-cleaning process, which is easy, as you can simply wash it under running water. Submerging of the device is prohibited in full water.

6. Lithium-Ion Battery Head Shaver

The shaver is cordless but can also be useful when attached with a cord, while in charging mode. It comes with a quick rechargeable lithium-ion battery 1400mAh, used in most beauty care appliances. This head shaver is a top-notch powerful head razor, operational with a maximum time of 90 minutes. To make this a full battery charged while in use, it will take 2.5 hours at least.

7. LED Battery Indicator On Top

The Pitbull Head Shaver is quite advanced as comes with an LED battery indicator that will enable you with its battery mode. This LED indicator screen is quite near to the power button of the device let you get aware of battery percentage.


What Makes pitbull shaver Unique

1. Shaver’s Performance For The Head

Unlike other shavers, it is also an advanced and updated generation by Pitbull head rotary shaver but designed explicitly for Head shaving. You can use your facial electric shavers over the skull but still won’t get enough of smoother shaving effects. The in-depth difference between facial hairs and head hairs quality of the skin surface of both areas is prime. Even the shape of the skull and face makes a rectified reason because facial shavers are flat and less flexible.

Handling of face shaver and shaver designed for the head has its own creativity to get the maximum of use. The Pitbull Head Shaver is thoughtfully designed, for the head so is entirely flexible, comfortable, and adjustable while in use. The easy holding of this shaver in hand makes its performance more comfortable.

2. Quality Of The Shaver And Its Components

This Pitbull shaver lies in the updated category of shaving device models. It comes with easy handling, five rotary blades which offer more great usability. Furthermore, it is made up of high-quality material that gives it a robust structure and won’t get easily heated when in use.

Its secure ergonomic handling provides a flexible and comfortable grip to the head shaver. It’s quality blades/cutter with rotary function offers smoother shaving of the head in just a few minutes and is movable in any direction. The battery durability is quite so incredible that contours extended usability.

3. Cleaning And Maintenance

It is so very crucial to keep razors and shavers clean and ideally maintain their usability afterward. Keep your razor dirt-free, oil-free, and other debris to keep it maintained and hygiene. For proper functioning of the head shaver, you need to clean the blades so that clogged materials can get out from the device.

For best functioning of the shaver and its components, keep them well-maintained, and for this time check them as well. This Pitbull head shaver is quite easy to clean as it features the self-cleaning process. For this you need just to clean this under running water, else all will rinse automatically.

Turn on the device for a few minutes, and it will rinse away the hairs and debris out from it. You can use it under running water conditions but submerging the device in the sink of water can damage it. For regular maintenance of the shaver’s blades, you need just occasionally use alcohol dip cleaning to keep it bacteria-free.



In fact, apart from common souls, many celebrities prefer to look more modish and stylish. It makes you look more masculine, dominant, and powerful at first glance. Well, whatever is the choice hairs on head or blade head, you should always be confident and comfortable as prior. Overall, we hope our mentioned description and features about the Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold shaver will make it all clear that how useful is the device for shaving the head.