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Philips Norelco Multigroom 5000 Review:

The primary task of grooming kit is to take care of your unwanted hair of the body apart from sizing the beard on your face. A multigrooming kit comes with multiple devices alongside with the beard trimmer itself. Among many available ones, Philips Norelco Multigroom 5000 remains the top listed in the market.

With 18 attachments, this is the ultimate grooming kit to craft your favorite look in no time. Capable of fulfilling all your grooming requirements by itself, you can style your body, head & face perfectly.

Let us take a detailed look at Philips Norelco Multigroom 5000 review below if you are considering having a convenient multigroom trimmer to craft your appearance.

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About The Philips Norelco Multigroom 5000: Best Men’s Multigroom

  • Philips all in one trimmer 5000 Comes With Eighteen Items Of Attachments For All Of Your Trimming Wants.
  • The Blades Are Created With Twin Cut Technology And That They Are 2X Additional Self-Sharpening. This Sharpness Can Keep When Four Years Of Use
  • Offer You The Utmost Exactitude Trimming.
  • This Multigrooming Kit Is Power-Driven By Lithium-Ion Battery Which Can Deliver Three Hours Of Conductor Operational Time. We Will Additionally Use It Rough .
  • To Supply Most Force And Power, The Trimming Machine Includes A Full-Metal Motor And A Drive Train That Has Been Bolstered With Tempered Steel.
  • The Distinctive Cutting Guards Are Bolstered With Ultra-Strong Fibreglass Materials. This Technology Can Stop Your Skin From Bending And Bucking And Guaranteeing An Excellent Trim Whenever.

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Philips Norelco Multigroom 5000 18 Attachments with the Box

With 18 attachment pieces of different size to deliver proper functionality, Philips Norelco Multigroom 5000 is indeed the all-in-one trimmer kit. It includes the following pieces to meet your grooming requirements.

  • One attachment of Phillips Norelco 5000 Multigroom Full-Size Trimmer
  • Extra-Wide Hair Trimming attachment
  • One Trimmer for nose/ear hair
  • Attachment piece of Precision Trimmer
  • 3 Beard Guard Attachments
      • 3 mm (1/8 Inch) Beard Guard
      • 5 mm (3/16 Inch) Beard Guard
      • 7 mm (9/32 Inch) Beard Guard
  • 2 Stubble Guards
      • 1 mm (3/6 Inch) Stubble Guard
      • 2 mm (5/6 Inch) Stubble Guard
  • 4 Hair Guards
      • 4 mm (5/32 Inch) Hair Guard
      • 9 mm (3/8 Inch)
      • 12 mm (15/32 Inch) Hair Guard 
      • 16 mm (21/32 Inch) Hair Guard
  • 2 Fading Hair Guards
      • 4 mm (5/32 Inch) Fading Hair Guards 
      • 9 mm (3/8 Inch) Fading Hair Guards
  • 2 Body-Guards
      • 3 mm (1/8 Inch) Body-Guards
      • 5 mm (3/1 Inch) Body-Guards
  • One AC Adapter
  • Convenient Storage Bag
  • Attachment of Cleaning Brush

It will positively blow your mind when gap the box and seeing all the as well as s with the trimmer.

There is only a few beard trimmer give as several attachments because the Philips Norelco Multigroom 5000.

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Imaginable Design 18 Piece Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 5000 Trimmer

The sleek and shiny design of the trimmer fits your hand with ease. the shining silver induces a pretty appearance to suit your choice and personality. There is one black grip over the silver metal exterior which enhances the overall outlook to a great extent. The rubberized grip is provided to fit within your thumb without slipping. The reinforced guards to help with the trimming resist even the slightest buckling or bending to give a uniform cutting all over.

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Measuring 2.17” width, 5.91” breadth & 10.24” length, the trimmer comes with the perfect dimensioning to remain on the hand. Not to mention, weighing about 12 ounces only, you will get to handle and trim the body hair with utmost ease and comfort. Therefore, no handling error will ever occur while trimming even the thickest hair.

With metal construction of the main body, the trimmer comes with proper sturdiness and ensures durability. Of course, the trimmer is very lightweight to carry without the slightest trouble. The precision trimmer comes with steel blades to deliver straightened cleaning of the hair. An astonishing fact is the self-sharpening of the non-corrosive blades to serve longer without any rusting.

Philips Norelco Multigroom 3000, 5000 & 7000 Shaver Comparison Table

SpecificationMultigroom Series 3000Multigroom Series 5000
with Storage Case
Multigroom Series 7000
Styling guards7; 1-16mm13; 1-16mm14; 1-16mm
Full size trimmerYesYesYes
Precision trimmerYesYesYes
Nose & ear trimmerYesYesYes
Extra-wide hair trimmerNoYesYes
Precision shaverNoNoYes
Grooming zonesFace & hairFace, hair & bodyFace, hair, body & detail
Power1 hour run-time3 hour run-time5 hour run-time
Price on amazonCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Trimming Technology & Method Philips Multigroom 5000 18 Pieces

Maximum precision for a perfect lining is on its way with this grooming kit, thanks to the Dual Cut technique. With this technology for the blades, the cutting is pretty smooth and safe all along. The technology includes the installation of 2x steel blades to do the cutting. Not to mention, convenient technology enables a light but effective brushing of both side blades against one another.

Steel precision trimmer

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A light brushing of the blades provides a soft but quick cutting of the dry hair without causing any stress over the skin. The blades rub against one another at a consistent speed which enhances the entire device functionality to a great extent. In the meantime, it allows the blades to perform the self-sharpening which keeps the blades functional for a long time.

Long-Lasting Battery Phillips Multigroom 5000

There comes a powerful battery to deliver long hours of cutting without any recharging requirement. This kit includes a suitable Lithium-ion battery which will retain the entire charge without being faded with time. In fact, the trimming device is able to function for about 3 hours with no mechanical failure upon 1 hour of charging. Though the time required for a full charge is not available, a charging for about 1 – 2 hours will provide a convenient result.

Up to 3 hour runtime

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You can go for one quick trim after charging the trimmer for at least 5 minutes. Apart from that, it is possible to use the device directly while charging though it is not recommended. The trimmer can be connected to an accessible and safe electricity line for charging and you can go for a swift cutting experience easily.

Beard & Body Attachment Philips Multigroom 5000

The full-size trimmer can deliver very close trim for beard along with neck & sideburns without any guard attachment. To do this, it is necessary to put the flat portion of the cutting side against the skin. It creates stroking movement against the hair growth direction and therefore, provides a delay before the growth of hair on the face, neck & shoulder.

In case of proper contouring, you need to hold the cutting side straight to make contact with the skin. A light pressurized movement in either downward or upward direction will cut off the excess hair. There is a total of 5 guard attachments available to achieve suitable contouring. The desirable hair length settings are marked on the guards to make an appropriate attachment to the trimmer.

The package includes two green body-guards allowing you to get rid of unwanted body hair. Not to mention, both attachments are available with size settings of 3mm and 5mm. For 1st timers, it is recommended to use 5mm guards on dry and clean skin. Avoid applying over wet skin as it can stick to your body and cause discomfort or slight cut injury in case of trimming of the sensitive area. If the hair gets stuck inside the guards, clean it out to have the best trimming result.

You have to attach the body-guards to the full-sized trimmer to cut off the ones below the neckline hairs. Body hairs don’t grow the same in every direction and therefore, you should try upward/downward/across trimming position. Also, try to make certain and soft movements with the trimmer maintaining the skin contact. Obviously, it will give an even result with a better appearance for the trimmed portion.

Nose, Ears & Head Attachment Norelco all in one Trimmer 5000

There are 2 attachments of fading hair guard to deliver a faded lining close to the hairline ends. All you have to do is to attach the guards to the extra-wide trimmer. For perfect output, try to maintain the guard side having shortest teeth near the ears. It is better to go for back and forth directional trimming as it reduces the hair growth to some extent.

Nose and ear trimmer

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Attachments for trimming nostril and ear hair come with the simple requirement but a sensible precaution. No variable size is available and therefore, you have to follow certain rules to get the best trimming output. Try to apply on a clean and dry nasal or ear passage without inserting the attachment tip more the 5mm depth. Gentle moving of the tip around is a must and you should go for in and out cutting direction for safe, quick and even cutting.

Cleaning & Maintenance Technique: Washable Attachments Philips Norelco Multigroom 5000

Being rinseable, all attachments without the trimmer are water-resistant and non-corrosive. You can keep them under the faucet for appropriate cleaning except for the full-sized trimmer. Though the trimmer is not machine- washable, you can go for machine washing to clean all other attachments.

Rinseable attachments

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Regarding the maintenance, you must clean out the hair from the attachment and trimmer body after each trimming session. You can simply use a dry brush, but not water to clean the trimmer as it may cause damage to the circuit inside. But avoid using any invasive liquid or abrasive stuff for any of the pieces.

If possible, check out the trimmer temperature while charging. Make sure that the switch of the trimmer is turned off. If the trimmer undergoes a rapid or high change in temperature, keep the trimmer for 30 minutes after charging to cool down.

4 Years Brand Warranty

Phillips North America LLC warrants that this new product of Norelco are going to be repaired or replaced for free of charge inside 4(four) years guarantee from purchase if the Trimmer has any acquirement fault or materials defect (without cutters and attachments).

Note: – this guarantee doesn’t cowl if the Trimmer is broken for lack of correct care, accident, abuse or misuse.

45 Days Money Back Brand Guarantee

After shopping for this product, if you’re not totally glad with the performance of the Trimmer, simply come it at intervals 45(Forty five) days from purchase day.

Phillips Norelco can offer your full a reimbursement.

But if you create any harm or come the Trimmer when 45(forty five) days, the guarantee won’t cowl.

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  •   There’s No Battery Indicator Which Can Offer Battery Standing
  •   There’s No Charging Indicator
  •   The Hair Clipping Isn’t Ready To Cut Terribly Closely


  •   Light-Weight Grooming Kit
  •   Long Lasting Battery Life
  •   Cordless/Corded Beard Trimmer
  •   All the Attachments and Guards Created With Nice Quality
  •   Such A Large Amount Of Attachments

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Question: What is the exact cutting length of the blades?

Answer: The general length of the blades measures about 0.5mm.

Question: Are there any indication marks to announce full charge?

Answer: No, there is no indicator light or signal to announce full charge. But light is available on the charger to indicate whether it is charging or not.

Question: Should I use an adapter plug for corded use?

Answer: Using the adapter plug is essential in some countries on corded use. You can use for better safety.

Question: Is it possible to use the beard guards for hair trimming?

Answer: Yes, although the quality of the output is not guaranteed. The manufacturer allows this switching but doesn’t recommend.

Question: Can the trimmer provide output like a shaved one?

Answer: No, trimming can get real close to the shaved one. But it will never deliver the exact output.

Question: Can oil application provide a better result?

Answer: Yes, a drop of light oil over the cutting blade can enhance the quality and durability to some extent.

Question: Does this product support 220 volts?

Answer: Yes, It supported anything from 100 to 240 volts.

Question: Does this come with a 9.5 mm and a 10 or 11 or 12 mm guard?

Answer: There are different sets of guards. The paperwork says the beard guards run from 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, 5 mm & 7 mm, then hair guards of 4 mm, 9 mm,12 mm & 16 mm then body guards of 3 mm  & 5 mm. Hope this helps

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Final Thoughts: Best Multi Groomer Shaver

So, that’s everything we’ve got for the Philips Norelco Multigroom 5000 reviews. We believe it has everything you will need to do a proper beard and body trimming. With quality and performance, this is indeed the perfect hair grooming kit you should check while buying one. You will surely get the full benefits of the product following the user manual and basic rules all the way.

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