Are you on the go all the time? If yes, then you know well how handy foil shavers could be for you. As they offer you the best shaving experience avoid razor bumps on the neck. Guys who have sensitive skin and want to get a clean-shaven professional look highly like these modern feature-rich closest shave electric razors.

Their foil heads also offer an antimicrobic clean that helps wash away debris and thus preserve the quality of the device. Other than that, some electric shavers are specially designed for bald heads and long thick beards. But the best thing they can do is clean out your face in such a flawless way that you may have an instant top-notch look. Sounds cool, right?

So, if you want a fresh, gentle look all the time and to be in good form, it’s absolutely beyond saying that you are in need of an electric shaver right away.

Sit back and keep on reading, in this article, we are going to let you know how to use a foil shaver and many more unknown things.

So, here we go!!!

What is a foil shaver used for?

Well, you know you can use both wet and dry electric shavers no matter wherever you are. These modern electric razors are efficient and versatile. So, let’s go over which type suits better for your sensitive skin and offers you a close shave.

Look, if you are a travel freak, an efficient modern shaving razor is a must for you. It’s particularly significant for businessmen who pass busy working hours every single day. This convenient and easy-to-use device is worthy to be your companion during your hectic days. It also saves your time and offers you a classy look that will make you confident as well.

Foil vs Rotary shaver:

Electric razors come in two popular types including foil and rotary. Though opting between these two is challenging, both of them offer you some specific advantages. So, it’s upto you which one you want to keep.’s

Let’s point out some basic comparisons between these two:

A rotary shaver consists of foil, a thin layer of metal, and blades or cutters. This foil prevents your skin from cuts or razor burns. It also uses independent circular blades.

In general, 3 or 4 rotating heads lift the hair, and the cutters, inside the rotary discs, cut it with ease. That’s why it works better for thick hair and beards. Plus, it operates quietly. However, the cleaning process of this razor type isn’t easy and it may not offer a precise shave always.

A foil shaver, on the other hand, comes with metallic foil touching your skin. It includes numerous tiny holes and works as a protective layer. The hair glides into the holes and then, moving back and forth beneath the foil, the cutters cut it. The foil razor shaver functions in straight lines.

Plus, they work better on short and thin hair and provide you a kind and gentle shave. If you need to get a close shave regularly, foil razor shavers are preferable. They will also offer you a close, precise shave and you may experience less skin irritation using it.

Besides, the blades of foil shavers move so fast that this smart device, surely, will save you priceless time. It’s also preferable for sensitive skin as it doesn’t pull on the hair and cause skin bumps. But, this fast device is noisy. Additionally, as they don’t work in a circular motion, these foil razors may struggle for an angular face type.

So, in this post, we will go over some crucial features of foil shavers and help you choose the best foil shaver for you.

How does a foil shaver work?

As the foil shavers have straight heads with oscillating blades or cutters, underneath a ‘foil’, they can cut your hair with ease. Foil is a thin layer of metal. This foil has tiny holes to form a specific mesh pattern that covers the blades. The foil grasps the hair through its holes and the blades beneath the foil cut it close to the skin. And thus, it offers you a clean shave.

Because of their micro-foil, these shavers can offer you the closest shaving experience, like when you use a rotary electric shaver. The foil also removes any post-shave skin irritation or razor burn as it works as a block to the skin.

Still, confused whether a foil shaver is for you or not? Take a glance at our review between the foil and rotary electric shavers:

It’s a bit confusing and challenging to opt between a rotary or foil electric shaver and cartridge razors. Foil electric shavers help you get the closest and smoothest of shaves, their maintenance is also easier. Moreover, their self-cleansing systems save your grooming time.

In comparison with rotary electric shavers, foil shavers move in a slightly different way while shaving. So, we have come up with four awesome techniques to have a smooth shave with a foil shaver. So, let’s get straight down the business:

How to use foil shaver

1. Preparation Step:

Rinse off your face or have a shower. Use a wet cloth to make your skin and beard soft. Then apply a pre-shaving product to the skin like Blocmen shave powder or others. Shaving cream or oil helps the shaver’s head glide smoothly against the curves of your face and protects your skin from the cutter. Thus it prevents any type of razor burn, bumping, or skin irritation.

Following this step, you can ensure the quality and smoothness of the shave. Particularly, if you are going through skin sensitivity.

2. Shaving Step:

Move the foil shaver with the grain slowly in straight lines such as left to right as well as up and down. Actually, the shaver works best and gives you the smoothest result when you go against the direction of hair growth, unlike a cartridge razor.

First, hold the foil electric shaver to the skin and then start from the most sensitive areas like the neck or chin. Try to ensure the maximum contact between the surface of the foil and your skin to get a close and smooth shave.

In general, we would recommend you pull the skin gently for a smoother surface so the shaver head can glide over the contours of your skin. Never try

a circular pattern with your foil shaver that only rotary shavers do.

3. Post-shave Step:

To be completely honest, this isn’t mandatory, but this step, of course, can offer you a quality shave and also help you maintain your skin condition. When you are done with your shave, wash off gently your face with cold water. Now, you can apply a post-shave moisturizer or balm to keep the skin hydrated, which will help you look fresh, as well. But, always try to avoid alcohol-based aftershaves since they dry out the skin and eventually cause skin irritation.

4. Cleaning Step:

Wash out your foil shaver head well or you can keep it in its self-cleaning system. Don’t forget to clean out your shaver after getting each shave to get the best performance out of it for the long term and to keep it germ-free, too. And last but not least, pat it dry before keeping it in the case.

How often you should replace your shaver foils

It’s pretty common for blades or foils to be blunt after using a few days regularly. So, with the dull foils, you can’t achieve your desired closeness as you could before. Most brands highly recommend you to change foils every 12-18 months to get maximum results. However, if you experience thicker or coarser hair you may need to change your foils or blades on a regular basis to get a close shave.

Advantages of foil shavers

Though foil shavers are different from rotary shavers surprisingly in the way of their operation, they can offer you some smooth and excellent results.

Let’s see some of the most effective advantages of foil electric shavers:

1. Offer the closest shave

You can come across some electric shavers such as rotary and foil. You know well, when you use foil shavers, in the case of thicker facial hair or sensitive skin, you can always experience a better and smoother result regarding closeness.

That’s fine, too, if you prefer rotary shavers and get better closeness using them. Just use whatever suits you best all the time.

2. Suitable for sensitive skin:

This is another well-known advantage of this electric shaver. Foil electric shavers suit well with irritation-prone and sensitive skin rather than rotary razors.

3. Easier to clean manually:

The cost of going with a cleaning station can be pretty high that every owner can’t afford. Additionally, not every station is as good as others in terms of cleaning. In this case, it’s clever to go for manual cleaning.

A thorough cleaning must be done every once in a while for your rotary shavers. You need to separate the inner cutters from the shaving heads completely and clean out each cutter one by one.

Plus, these shaver types are easy to clean and you can do this task manually with ease. Just use some liquid soap and then rinse gently with hot tap water.

Final Words

After going through this whole article, hopefully, you have come to know the difference between foil and rotary razor shavers. And, it’s also crystal clear to you why foil razors are better than others in a particular situation. Plus, you already know how to use a foil shaver. Right?

Well, do let us know in the comment box below if you have anything else to know!!!

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