The evolution of electric shavers in the market combines convenience, simplicity & cost-efficiency. But you may want to take the grooming action far ahead with wet uses.

It concerns the involvement of your favorite shaving cream, gel, or quick under-shower shave. That’s where a wet-dry shaver can make your dreams come true.

Established brands like Panasonic, Braun & Philips already introduced a dependable shaver lineup. And you don’t have to consider the budget to afford a suitable one.

We picked the absolute best wet dry electric shavers to narrow down the existing list. Our review consists of 6 products only, featuring comprehensive detail.

Let’s jump into the in-depth review to explore the top men’s electric shavers for wet dry shaving.





Braun Series 9 9296CC50 minCheck Price
Braun Series 7 7027cs50 minCheck Price
Philips Norelco 770060 minCheck Price
Panasonic Arc 3 LT67A45 minCheck Price
Philips Norelco 710060 minCheck Price
Philips Norelco 350060 minCheck Price


Now, it is time to dive into the detail of these amazing electric shavers. To make your selection process easy, we’ve chosen these shavers through several processes. And hopefully, the detailed features and specifications will let you choose the best one for you.

Braun Series 9 9296CC electric shavers for men

Braun shaver series 9 arguably contains the most advanced electric shaver lineup to date. And its 9296CC features a recent upgrade to meet the premium customer demands. The arrived package should include – razor, refill, station, brush, oil, cord, pouch & manual.

Supportive Responsive Intelligence can immediately catch your facial features for precision. An advanced processing chip monitors the action to match your requirements.

Its foil-type head to combine five different elements delivers straight cuts on close shaves. And the head features absolute flexibility to move in 10 directions comfortably. Therefore, its application maintains a straight pace with facial contours.

Also, a specialized trimmer for stubborn hair enables smooth cutdown. Its titanium coating comes with a protective chrome finish to resist damaging elements.

Synchronized technology initiates up to 40000 cuts with 10000 micro-vibrations. Meanwhile, the world’s only alcohol-based Clean & Charge station enables proper care. Cleanup, lubrication, dry & recharge – all it takes one touch to the button.

The integrated battery requires a 60-minute full charge to run for 50 minutes. And you’re to keep sizing the facial hairs using its impressive cordless convenience.

Maintenance cleanup only requires you to hold the head under running water. Not to mention, the frame itself remains waterproof up to 5 meters in depth.

Key Features

  • Combo of five shaving components on the head.
  • Sturdy Titanium body with metal chrome finish.
  • German craftsmanship technology for the frame.
  • Syncro Sonic Technology to adapt all beard types.
  • Powerful Li-ion battery to serve sufficiently long.
  • Built-in, unique five-action clean & charge station.



  •   Distorted metal vibes.
  •   Difficulty in dry shaves.
  •   Somewhat loud noise.


  •   Accurate frame durability.
  •   Absolute comfort on uses.
  •   Fully waterproof exterior.
  •   Consistent running period.
  •   Superb visual appearance.
  •   Hassle-free maintenance.
  •   Resistance to deterioration.
  •   Easy operational handling.

Braun Series 7 7027CS electric shaver men

Even the immediate next option comes from Braun. However, the Series 7 lineup definitely lacks the luxury of Series 9. But the featured 7027CS is sure to hold your attention with some distinctive features.

It’s more like a new addition to the lineup with a notable design shift. The CS to follow 7027 stands for Charging Stand, a particular addition to have with the package. The package list counts electric razor, trimmer attachment, travel case, cleaning brush & smart plug.

Its exclusive 360° flexibility outmatches standard 8D or 10D best head shaver. Three elements make the head, featuring two Optifoil on the sides.

But the mid-section blade called ActiveLift takes care of flat-lying, long, stray facial hairs. Blades of top-quality stainless steel to have precise edges can resist moisture action.

Conceivable plastic provides comfortable handling on every shaving session. The chrome-plated finish imparts a silver appeal on the sides to induce a great outlook. The main interface to feature a black exterior contains the power button with an LED display.

Likewise, a powerful Li-ion battery can retain its recharge for long enough. A 60-minute full charge can provide 50 minutes of service. And a quick 5-minute charge should suffice a hurried shave.

Key Features

  • AutoSense technology to catch beard density.
  • Three metal blades to enable smooth contact.
  • Absolute 360° flexibility of its foil-type head.
  • Inclusion of ActiveLift trimmer for precise cuts.
  • Availability of several attachments for the beard.
  • Retention of recharged power with Li-battery.



  •   Delicate power button.
  •   Useless charging stand.
  •   Poor manual guidance.


  •   Protective coating for blades.
  •   Smooth cuts for clean shaves.
  •   Trendy & astounding design.
  •   Sensitive facial skin suitability.
  •   Seamless action on contours.
  •   Travel lock for the travel case.
  •   Precision trimmer touch-ups.
  •   Ergonomic exterior handling.

Philips Norelco 7700 shaver for men

Philips Norelco remains the most well-known lineup to contain functional electric shaver-trimmer combos. And its 7700 stands for absolute protection to help with sensitive facial skin.

The package contains – electric razor, charging stand, QuickClean pod, cleaning cartridge & travel case. Fully 360° contour heads can adapt the contours for optimum precision.

A total of 45 rotary blades initiate the shaving for three different segments. As it happens, cutting action can count as much as 90000 per minute. Exclusive ComfortGlide rings hold a protective shield for your electric shaver sensitive skin.

Included pop-up trimmer lets you control the hair length to match the style requirements. Therefore, you can size or shave the facial hair using fewer skin passes.

Li-ion batteries retain the power on one charge to serve 20 shaves. A full 60-minute charge provides an exact 60-minute running. Even a quick 5-minute charge should suffice for one close shave.

Meanwhile, SenseIQ technology integrates cutting motion sensors with hair adaption sensors. It automatically adjusts the system to deliver the necessary shaving/trimming power.

Likewise, you can use the device dry or wet under the shower without any distorting issue. The cleaning pod is one definite plus to eliminate cleanup complexity. It explicitly lubricates the head section, loosening the stuck hair.

Key Features

  • Integration of ComfortGlide rings on contact points.
  • A maximum of 90,000 cuts per minute on demands.
  • 360° flexibility of the head for contour adjustment.
  • SenseIQ tech for motion detection & hair adaption.
  • Powerful Li battery to serve 60-min on a 1-hr charge.
  • Built-in cleaning pod to enable hassle-free cleanups.



  •   Slight burnt feeling.
  •   Avg trimmer quality.
  •   Distorted head size.


  •   Minimal facial skin irritation.
  •   Pop-up trimmer application.
  •   Thorough lubricating cleanup.
  •   Auto-adaptation of contours.
  •   Support from the optional app.
  •   Protective coating on the surface.
  •   Complete flexibility of head.
  •   Close shave with fewer passes.

Panasonic Arc 3 ES-LT67-A best wet and dry electric shaver

Even Panasonic has a good lineup to offer regarding convenient electric shaver options. However, its Arc 3 series contains some entry-level devices within an affordable tag.

The intended Panasonic wet dry shaver includes a pop-up trimmer, lubricating oil & power block. |As it seems, only the fundamental contents make the pack for your grooming.

The foiling head features 3 arched blades to offer an acute 45° cutting in different directions. In fact, the flexible head can cover 12 directions for sizing facial hairs. Close yet easy following of the contours explicitly enables a precise shaving session.

A powerful linear motor deploys a massive 39000 cuts/minute action for immediate shaving. The battery requires a minimal 3-hour recharge for its full efficiency retention.

Meanwhile, an automated sensor keeps measuring beard density every minute. The count can go as much as 200, letting the system set the powering requirements. A comfortable shave always prevails with minimum irritation.

Exclusive 5-step LED on the front section reveals battery life with recharge status. A fully waterproof design prevents intrusion on wet applications. Of course, you can even initiate dry use without limits.

Key Features

  • Pivoting Multiflex shaver head to move in 12 directions.
  • Built-in linear motor to enable 39000 cross-cuts/minute.
  • Patented foil bending to get the facial hair type & length.
  • Automated shave sensor to measure beard density.
  • Simple yet supportive 3-blade cutting system for its head.
  • Functional 5-step LED display to check essential features.



  •   Not exactly a pro unit.
  •   The display appears cheap.
  •   No USB charge facility.


  •   Integration of powering block.
  •   Effective Japanese technology.
  •   Lubrication oil for maintenance.
  •   Battery % display without dots.
  •   Close facial contour following.
  •   Entry-level design on demands.
  •   Absolute adjustment of power.
  •   Precise cuts with the faster motor.

Philips Norelco 7100 men’s electric shavers

It remains pretty difficult to outmatch Philips Norelco in terms of the product lineup. And the brand keeps introducing high-quality devices on distinctive scales.

The featured 7100 is indeed a simple unit without exceeding your tight budget. Incredible similarity prevails for the 7100 with its successor 7700, reviewed above. However, the pack only includes a travel case, charging stand, cleaning cartridge for the cleaning pod.

ComfortGlide rings on the 3-piece rotary head feature 45 built-in blades. The anti-friction coating enables a comfortable yet precise shave every time. It secures the contacting skin from red spots or irritating appeal.

Meanwhile, the best razors for tweens hair adaption sensors measure the density 125 times per minute. And it explicitly sets the power required to size up the hairs.

Standard Li-ion battery delivers the power, requiring a 60-minute charge to reach full capacity. Likewise, the running time also counts 60-minute without interruption. A mere 5-minute charge should suffice a single shaving session.

There comes an intuitive LED display to reveal certain parameter statuses. The list goes for 3-level battery status, travel lock detector & cleaning advice.

A simple one-touch opening design can flip the shaver head for cleanup. Running the top section under a watery stream should wipe out the residuals.

Key Features

  • A total of 45 rotating blades on its head.
  • Precise contour following 360° flexibility.
  • Li-ion battery to retain its full recharge.
  • Incredibly fast 90,000 cuts every minute.
  • Integration of functional SenseIQ techs.
  • Skin protecting ComfortGlide head rings.



  •   Least package accessory.
  •   Poor online app support.
  •   Slight reaching difficulty.


  •   Steady 60-minute running time.
  •   Minimal passes for completion.
  •   Exact sizing with popup trimmer.
  •   Immediate facial hair adaption.
  •   Superb precision of blade edges.
  •   Intuitive LED display inspection.
  •   Effortless one-touch operation.
  •   Self-sharpening constant shave.

Philips Norelco 3500 men’s electric shavers

Extremely tight budget or absolutely basic requirements merely reach a conceivable choice. But the seamless product line of Philips Norelco stands to satisfaction.

Its specified 3500 is one device to meet your everyday shaving calls on a minimal budget. The single-unit pack only includes a travel pouch to accompany you on outdoor events.

Its rotary function follows a supportive pivot system to follow the contours. The head can immediately comply with the face with 5-directional flexibility. Precise adjustment of the moving blades adapts the face unevenness in no time.

Not to mention, there are 27 well-shielded blades for the closest shaving electric razor. Exclusive ComfortCut blades also enable smooth gliding over rough facial hairs.

Meanwhile, the included pop-up trimmer serves your sideburns as well as mustaches. And an imposed self-sharpening facility retains the efficiency over extensive uses.

Standard Li-ion battery requires a 60-minute recharge to operate for 60-minutes. Absolutely cordless action prevails for 20 comfortable, precise, stylish shaves. Likewise, a mere 5-minute charge will give enough power for a single shave.

A simple yet useful 3-level battery indicator appears right on the front section. And you can check the device for dry or wet (gel, foam, shower) applications. Maintenance cleanup stands pretty effortless without requiring any special steps.

Key Features

  • Stainless steel blade for the plastic framework.
  • Exclusive pivots to allow 5-D top flexibility.
  • Built-in ComfortCut arrangement of blades.
  • Inclusion of trimmer for finishing touches.
  • Exterior rubberized grip on easy handling.
  • Intuitive frame indicator on battery status.



  •   Minimal edge notching.
  •   Least protection for the skin.
  •   No cleanup accessories.


  •   Completely washable assembly.
  •   Standard quick recharging uses.
  •   Precise contour following flexes.
  •   Rounded smooth contact caps.
  •   Simplified leveling of facial hairs.
  •   Hassle-free cordless operation.
  •   Ergonomic anti-slip rubber grip.
  •   Steady 60-minute running time.

Buying Guide – Best wet dry Shaver

There are too many electric shavers available in the market, lacking satisfactory features or services. It even gets muddling with a wet-dry shaver to require electricity. You must remain cautious about faulty specs, defective parts, or misleading advertisements.

Conscious experts on current market products stand to come up with a viable solution. You may look into the essential factors to influence absolute quality. Considering the primary components can comfortably get you the best wet dry electric shaver.

1. Foil vs Rotary

The obvious difference often concerns foil-headed shavers against rotary shavers. Foil-type devices can offer further precision, closer shave & complete control. However, rotary-type counts good for quick shaving sessions.

2. Head Flexibility

Another extremely important consideration lies with head movements. Sufficient flexibility can adapt the facial contour for making proper cuts. A full 360° flexibility is always preferable. However, you can check into 5-D, 8-D or 12-D configurations.

3. Ease of Use

Effortless handling should occupy every shaver-trimmer design, regardless of the model. You’re to check the exterior surface for an ergonomic grip. Of course, lightweight yet sturdy construction can save the hassle to a great extent.

4. Application Extent

Almost every individual unit claims to suit dry as well as wet uses without problems. However, not every wet-dry shaver can equally perform on different aspects. Look for expert suggestions or customer reviews to know its actual suitability.

5. Ease of Cleaning

Maintenance is crucial to retain the overall endurance of grooming devices. The inclusion of a cleaning pod or cleaning brush can help to wipe the head. Also, you ought to try the instant cleanup on the shower using speedy water streams.

6. Clean Shave

Having a clean shave should start your day with a fresh, handsome & elegant look. But close shaves often come with skin discomfort or slight uneven cuts. Therefore, you must check the blade efficiency, pattern & evenness.

7. Advanced Feature

Advanced features may continue for a wide range, depending on the brand configuration preference. Exclusive facilities merely possess any importance for an everyday shave. However, it’s difficult to attend to any specialized feature within the standard budget.

8. Skin Comfort

You can’t appreciate the reddish facial appeal or irritation after the shave. Different brands integrate distinctive features to secure the contact point. You better check the shaver description on purchase to judge its comforting level.

9. Pocket Friendly

Grooming holds a significant value for commercial personnel at every event. Therefore, slight outdoor usability may count as pretty good for the chosen device. But affordable options don’t feature anything except a travel pouch with/without a travel lock.

10. Blade Sharpness

The sharpness of the blade strictly controls the outcome to every extent. However, foil-headed blades tend to become invalid pretty fast. Meanwhile, multiple rotary heads integrate a built-in self-sharpening facility for edge retention.

11. Battery Support

Almost all the major brand includes Li-ion battery to initiate the operating power. A 60-minute recharge can provide 50/60-minute operation without a halt. Meanwhile, you should try a 5-minute charge for a single shaving session.

12. Built-In Display

Advanced models should have a deliberate LED display to reveal the device’s status. Somewhat expensive options monitor multiple features for display. But you can settle for the battery status in the least regarding cheaper units.

13. Replacement Parts

It’s not customary to look for replacement parts, covering the entire assembly. Interchange remains available for heads or blades in special cases only. You should contact the seller to know if there’s any replacement for the chosen one.


There’s no need to keep looking for an affordable unit to meet your grooming needs. Our reviews can cover the exclusive best wet dry electric shaver to define a certain range. You can spend a considerable amount on a luxurious, high-quality, exclusive design.

And there comes suitable options to suffice your tight budget on indoor grooming support. Still, you’re getting functional, top-notch & effective facial hair sizing in no time. Check your demands to match the budget & skip the offline/online search with our list.