As a teenager, learning how to shave your face can be daunting. There are many different products, techniques, and safety tips to consider when it comes time to take the plunge into facial grooming.

Whether you just started to grow facial hair or have been tackling the task of shaving for years, it’s important to be mindful of the process and make sure you’re taking care of your face in a safe and effective manner.

In this blog post, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide on How to Shave Your Face as a Teenager, from choosing the right razor to mastering the art of after-shave care. With the right tools and know-how, you can easily achieve an expertly groomed look that’ll make you look your best in no time! Let’s get started!

Who Needs A Shave

First of all, not every teenager looks for shaving. Some might feel okay with this change. But if you are among those who don’t want to feel uncomfortable with a sudden change in front of people, you might need to shave those facial hairs.

Moreover, a clean shave is popular among some people. They consider this as a sign of smartness. Whether you are a teen or an adult, if you love smartness, it will make you keep your face clean all the time.

Some Facts About Beard Growth

You might have noticed that you and other people have differences in facial hair size, even if you people are of the same age. This mainly depends on lots of factors. These factors decide the growth of your facial hair, which ultimately turns into a beard. Some of the factors are discussed below,

1. Genetics

When you look for the facts about the beard, you might find out the word genetics. Though it isn’t everything, it indicates the possibility of what kind of beard you might grow. For example, there is a chance that your beard’s thickness will depend on the lineage of your family. If your grandfather and father had a thick beard, then you also might have that. But it isn’t fixed all the time.

2. Exercise

Exercise can help you to grow a better beard. It helps the blood circulation flow naturally under the skin and carries out all the protein elements to the exact spots. Exercises also help to increase the amount of hair growth.

3) Stress

This one is one of the most important things you should be aware of. Stressing out all the time can affect your skin and, ultimately, your facial hair. It hampers the immune system badly.

4) Food

Food is very much important for your body and body, hair and beard. If you fail to have essential foods, then your body won’t grow enough amount of beard. A proper amount of diet can help you to grow the exact beard you want to grow. For that, you have to eat foods that are enriched in vitamins A, B, C, and E. Vegetables, protein, and fruits are also important along with other foods.

Right Age To Shave Beard

Some may wonder at what age do guys start shaving their face. The right age to shave a beard depends on the person mainly. The age is never fixed. It depends on your shaving skill, how quickly your father teaches you to shave, how well you know how to shave, the thickness of the beard, knowing the instruments needed for shaving, and so on. These things accelerate the process of shaving. Some may learn very quickly, or some may start late. But the general age can be around 15-16 years of age.

Right Age To Shave Moustache

People also might want to know when a boy should start shaving his mustache. When you hit puberty, your body starts to grow facial hair. The age can be around 10-15 years. At this age, you start to notice a line of facial hair above your upper lip. Later on, this turns out into a mustache. Now whether you want to keep it or not depends on you. If you feel uncomfortable with this facial hair, then you might shave it off. But it also depends on handling the sharp razor. As younger ones are not used to this activity, they might get a cut. So, it’s always better to learn first and wait for a bit to be good at handling the razor.

Shaving Equipment

If you are a teenager and think of having a shave for the first time in your life, you need to know all the equipment. Otherwise, you will be going to harm yourself. So, here is some equipment that you might want to get acquainted with for safe shaving.

1) Shaving Brush

A Shaving brush helps you to apply the foam or gel properly to your skin. Though the shaving brush isn’t a mandatory thing, it helps the foam reach every place and makes your skin smooth for the shaving.

2) Shaving Cream

Your skin can be rough, dry, oily, and so on. In that type of skin, applying a razor directly can be dangerous. For that reason, shaving cream is essential. It softens your skin and helps the razor to glide smoothly. Some people use shaving gel as an alternative.

3) Shaving Razor

This is the most important that you should be aware of. There are two kinds of razors that people are using nowadays.

a. Standard razor

This is the regular one which people use generally. After applying the cream, you can use this razor. For making the shave more perfect, you can use a double-edged razor. The blade of this type of razor is also very safe.

b. Electric shaver

the best razor for first time shavers is very much easy to use. Anyone can use this as it is very safe. But the smoothness and perfectness are questionable. It also makes your skin dry.

How to Shave your Face for the First Time

After getting acquainted with all the equipment, you can proceed to have your first shaving experience. For your convenience, we have included some steps. It will help you to know how to shave your face for the first time.

  • At first, take some water and wet your face with that. This will make any rough or dry skin. soften.
  • Take some shaving cream or gel in your hand and apply those around the hairy places. The more you rub the cream, the more it’ll create foams.
  • Then take the razor. It’s good if you have a double-edged razor as it provides more perfectness. Press the razor slowly around your face. At this point, remember, it’s wise to press the razor in the same direction where your hair grows. Now gently remove the cream that you put early on.
  • When you are done, wet your face with water again. You can also put aftershave lotion at this point. But it isn’t mandatory.

With an electric razor, you don’t have to go through any of the steps stated above. Just turn on the razor and keep moving it around your face.

Shaving Tips

For a teenager shaving their face is a big step. You might wonder whether should age shave his mustache or beard. But it is very much normal. As you keep doing this, it becomes adjusted with your weekly activities. Till now, you learned about shaving. But here are some tips which can help you more.

  • Never move the razor quickly. It can cut your skin.
  • Use a sharp blade. Otherwise, the razor will create itching
  • Use disinfectant if you get a cut while shaving
  • Don’t share your razor with anyone else. And at the same time, keep it clean.

If you can remember this stuff, we are sure you will have a great experience with your first shave.


As a teenager shaving your face for the first time is quite exciting. You might have many confusions or questions about this. We have just tried to ease the process for you. In this article, we talked about how to shave face teenagers, shaving tips, and other various things. You can go through them and act appropriately. We ensure that this first-times having won’t be going to trouble you. So, what are you waiting for? If you have grown enough hair or feeling uncomfortable with your facial hair, then just get started